March 31, 2005

083 Released

Well, I suffered through the pain and spun Camino 0.8.3 today. Download it if you're not using the nightlies, it's got some good stuff in it including the event fix so flash no longer sucks 100% of the cpu on some pages. Check the release notes for more detail.

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March 29, 2005

Where's 083?

I ran into some problems tagging the branch so I couldn't spin 083 today. That, and I've developed this condition where I can't sit in front of a computer for more than 5 minutes w/out getting a headache. My eye doctor said he's 90% sure that it wasn't a minor stroke. Wow, that's incredibly reassuring. Thanks.

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March 28, 2005

A Simple Lesson

Hi sexy! I must admit that my gf and I are hopelessly hooked on The Simple Life: Interns. It's such a delightful trainwreck and we find ourselves starting to talk like Paris and Nicole. I figured I would share what we've learned with everyone.

Rule 1 - Greeting

When meeting people for the first time, or longtime friends, greet them with Hi sexy. It is also appropriate, when meeting boys under 18, to ask if they are still virgins. For girls under 18, you should ask if their boyfriends are well-endowed.

Rule 2 - Displays of emotion

If you encounter something that fills you with joy or glee, or really any emotion at all, one is to proclaim That's hot. This adjective is gender-neutral, and doesn't have to be applied to anything in particular. Example:

Nicole - That woman has purple warts on her face.
Paris - That's hot.

Rule 3 - Gratitude

When given something, show gratitude the old fashioned way, by saying "thank you", but with a new twist: thanks, bitch. This can also be used in other situations to express feelings of closeness and caring, e.g. Goodnight, bitch, which affirms that you appreciate the other person and are glad that they are a part of your life.

Now that you're armed with these new tools, go forth and spread the word. Thanks, bitch!

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March 24, 2005

Training Wheels

If you're curious what I've been doing in my spare time instead of working on Camino, I wanted to give you a little taste. I just grabbed a handful of stuff that's "good enough" for public consumption but is by no means considered finished work. I also wanted to emphasize that I can't sing. I don't fancy myself on American Idol. I. Can't. Sing. There are no delusions, but someone's gotta.

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March 23, 2005

083 Release Candidate

The release candidate for 083 it up on the ftp site. Give it a whirl and put it through its paces. I would like to release on Tuesday if all goes well. We really need to know if there are regressions that exist in this build that are not present in 082. Remember you're comparing to 082, not the trunk. If a bug also exists in 082, we're not going to fix it.

See the release notes on the disk image for a summary of what has been fixed. Note that this build identifies itself as "0.8.2+" in order to differentiate it from the real "0.8.3" that will signify the released product.

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083 Coming Soon and 0.9 Roadmap

Now that the 17branch is allowing checkins, I've landed the last thing on our checklist for an 083 release. This morning I'm spinning a build (branded 082+) which will be the first release candidate.

As far as 0.9 goes, we've decided we need to shorten our timeline and get this baby out the door sooner rather than waiting for all the features we wanted. Nightly builds already have a lot of great improvements and we need to get into a cycle of releasing more often, not once a year. That means some features will have to wait, namely big ticket items like spell checking and autoFill (which, btw, is much harder than one would think). I know people have been begging for those features for a long time, but we can't hold the world waiting for them. It's better to release without them then never release.

Josh originally said April/May for beta, but I think that's a tad optimistic. Regardless, we need to begin the triage process and get cracking on the bugs that have to be fixed for an 0.9 release. We then hope to follow it up with a 1.0 release a few months later. From there, we can start a train of releases that get new features out to users more quickly.

What can you do to help? Primarily bug triage. Help us look at all the untargeted bugs and see if they have testcases, can be reproduced, or reduced further to better isolate the bug. Help us weed out duplicates. Help us decide if a bug is trivial polish or a crasher that takes out your hard drive.

There is a new flag, Camino0.9?, which allows you to nominate bugs for inclusion in the 09 list. When you nominate the bug (by setting the flag to ?), we'll look and make a call, plussing or minusing it. Please, this is not your opportunity to beg for your pet feature/bug. It's to help us keep track of bugs that aren't yet targeted for 0.9 but really should be for the best possible release. We have to prioritize, not everything can get fixed, but we need to make sure we don't miss anything major, and this is your way to help us make sure we don't miss anything.

The new website is really bringing us some good buzz (although the press thinks we just released 082 yesterday...), let's take advantage of it.

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March 22, 2005

No, Virginia....

Just so it's clear, it wasn't the Safari team.

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Schfffffffffffffff (...hold it......) Haaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Ebay is crack. In the last three days I've bought no less than seven autographed items. You'll never understand until you feel the rush of jumping in at the very last minute of a five-day auction with 57 seconds left and bidding $350 on a $16.50 auction just to grind the poor sod who is currently winning into the dust. Feel my wrath, beeeyotch! I am the pumpkin king!

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March 21, 2005

New Project Pages

We have moved the Camino project pages, previously hosted on, over to a community-run website. This allows us to have much more up to date content and prettier pictures than I could ever draw. People have been working on this new site for a long time, I hope everyone finds it more useful than what we had before.

The product pages will remain hosted on

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March 20, 2005


The first thunderstorm of the year. NC State knocks off UConn and WVa knocks off Wake. You know it's March.

I recently made a very difficult decision. I was presented an opportunity that I'd been coveting my entire professional career, but taking it would have meant enormous sacrifice. It would have meant giving up my class at GWU, relocating to a place I'd decided to leave 3 years ago, and it would have meant walking away from Camino. In one hand I had the realization of a dream, in the other I had everything I'd worked hard to achieve.

I can't go into all the details, not because I'm forbidden, but because they're very personal. It was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make in a very long time. In the end I'm staying put and enjoying the thunder. The dream is still a dream.

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March 17, 2005

I'm feeling blunt

Camino 0.8.3 is coming very soon. We're in a holding pattern because the Mozilla Foundation won't clear the 1.7branch for checkins. They've been saying "real soon now" for a month.

Entourage is ass.

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March 13, 2005


I just wasted the last two hours of my life reading the issues of a schlocky a/v magazine, also known as Home Theater, that had been collecting on my kitchen island. They were there not because I asked for them, but because they were sent to me after my favorite a/v magazine, Ultimate A/V (formerly Stereophile Guide To Home Theater) became a web-only publication and this is what the parent publishing company sent me as a replacement. Sigh.

My first hint that this publication was schlock was that every other page was an advertisement. I am not exagerating. Every. Other. Page. The articles were on topics such as "budget home theater in a box" and "apartment home theater options". Hardly the type of fare that anyone who knows anything about audio would be eager to read. There was one article on a custom home theater room (now we're getting somewhere) where the owner designed the whole thing himself and it looked beautiful (maybe I prejudged this magazine). The owner then revealed that he didn't really care about sound so he installed low budget speakers and installed sound dampening boards on the walls wherever it looked good. That's right, he admitted he knew about, but didn't bother to check, first or second-order reflections and just put them where the decor permitted. He probably just made his room worse. Why was this published? Is this supposed to serve as a testimonial or advice for others?

Then I started reading the reviews. Schlock. HT went through the trouble of printing the measurements they took, I guess to attempt to show they knew what they were talking about. Speaker readings across the listening spectrum are supposed to be flat lines (hence the term "flat response" you hear when discussing high quality speakers). In one review, the graph looked like a combination of the Alps and Marilyn Monroe, yet the speakers got rave reviews because they played loud. That's right. They played loud. So what if you aren't hearing anything close to what you're supposed to? I guess that's not important any more.

Needless to say these slick advertisements masquerading as an a/v publication went straight into my trash. I could go on and on about other reivews, but I'll spare you. I'm disappointed that two magazines by the same company could be at such extremes of the spectrum. Terrible, just terrible.

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March 6, 2005

Deadwood Returns!

HBO's Deadwood, one of televisions best shows, starts its eagerly awaited second season tonight at 9. I can't wait!!!!

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March 5, 2005


Josh is in town and we're gonna spend the day with Geoff hacking on Camino stuff. I normally don't use the trunk bits, but I pulled to have an updated tree. Wow. This little browser is gonna turn some heads. Simon landed the "bookmarks in tabs" patch last night which looks really awesome. I think it'll make our bookmarks much easier to work with.

Today we'll be discussing the 0.9 roadmap and what the heck we're gonna do about autoFill. The poor girl needs a date to the ball!

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March 2, 2005

Camino Rolls

I've had a bunch of people asking me what's up in the last few days since Josh announced his spectacular news. I wanted to take a second to set a few different records straight. That's right, we spin all kinds here.

First and foremost, the Mozilla Foundation hiring Josh is not a slight to myself or the Camino project. I was very much involved in the hiring process and gave him a glowing recommendation. He is the right person for the job.

Second, I've had several people ask me what Camino is going to do now that Josh is no longer working on it. Sphincterboysayswhat? The fact that Josh is at the Foundation is a huge plus for Camino. Josh is being paid to work on core architecture that benefits Firefox, Thunderbird, and Camino on Mac OS X. Shared infrastructure is a good thing; the more we can share the better. Who ever said that recommending Josh to the Foundation was an unselfish act?

We've had a lot of breakage of the last year because most contributors don't give a flying monkey about embedding apps. Firefox and Seamonkey don't use the embedding APIs that apps such as Konqueror and Camino do, and thus breaking them is easy to get away with. Honest, nobody cares. That's bad times all around. Major bad times. Regressions go unnoticed and unresolved for weeks at at time. Having someone on staff@m.o that has a vested interest in an embedding app is serious business and not something to be overlooked.

As far as our 0.9 plans, Josh, Geoff and I will be meeting (in person) for a long night of, I mean hacking...and we'll be discussing what needs to go into 0.9 vs. 1.0 and beyond. I think hashing all this out in person will make things go faster, and I plan on brining lots of liquor so that I can be sure that everyone agrees with me. :)

0.8.3 is still in progress. We've had a small hiccup with the Firefox and Seamonkey branches (upon which we depend) being locked down by MF, but after those are re-opened, we'll be looking to release a candidate and final release.

I have some choice words for those who still believe Camino's future to be in doubt, but printing them here would probably impact my ability to snag that Genius Bar position I covet so highly. Honest, I'm a people person!

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