July 30, 2004


Those that know me know I'm very squeamish. I don't enjoy talking about shit, dead babies, or watching anything to do with needles. Tonight I watched Trainspotting. Excellent. Rent it.

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July 24, 2004

There is a way...

Several of you have emailed me with the way to convert songs in iTunes to MP3 so I thought I'd share, since it's really non-obvious.

iTunes uses the value of the "Import Using:" popup in the "Importing" pref panel as the default in the context menu. Unless you change it the default is now AAC. Switch this to MP3 and it will allow you to "import" songs into the library as MP3. Once you have the new MP3 version in the Finder, copy it wherever you want and then you can remove it from your iTunes library (the "old" one will still be there in its original format).


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July 21, 2004

Fun With Reason

I started mucking about with Reason this week since the Rewire support in GarageBand has gotten a lot better. This little demo, purely me playing around with automation and the synthesizer, was done entirely in Reason in about 5 minutes....after a week's worth of reading the instructions and stabbing around wildly.

First Synth Demo

It's in AAC format, which is all the new iTunes lets you do. I could no longer figure out how to export to mp3, which i knew you could do (i'd done it before!). Oh well.

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July 13, 2004

A little perspective, pleeeeze?!

Jinglepants is all tearyfaced about how everyone living on world-wide-web Mount Olympus has come down on Apple for making up some tags for Dashboard.

Let's take a moment and put this in perspective.

Apple made up some tags and attributes for some features that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WEBSITES, other than they HAPPEN TO BE RENDERED WITH AN HTML ENGINE. Apple made up these tags in a BETA RELEASE OF THEIR OS which WON'T SHIP FOR A YEAR. Finally, and most importantly, nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to use these tags on the internet. Period. Why, you ask? Because....here it comes....wait for it....they ONLY WORK ON MAC. In the grand scheme of things, what webdesigner in their right mind would ever write a web page that only worked correctly on MacOS?! They'd be laughed out of town. Most web designers still put "works best in IE5" images on their websites. If you asked them, they'd probably tell you that Macs still come in six flavors.

So if we put the pieces together, I don't see why anyone cares. Really. Move along.

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Another 50 G's

We've hit 50k downloads (about 54k actually) of 0.8 final (doesn't include the beta) in just under a month.

Keep up the good work, folks!

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July 12, 2004

Josh's Blog and Java News

Josh Aas has started his own Camino blog. Check it out.

The Quartz GFX port has begun, slowly. We're trying to figure out the best ways to do things, but a patch exists for cocoa widget to make it stop using quickdraw. Not sure how long it will take, but ground has been broken. Josh has also started on the prefs rewrite which should bring a slew of our hidden prefs more out into the open.

Users have had much success with the JavaPlugin project's plugin which enables non-Safari browsers to use Apple's Java1.4. This fixes for most users the inability to type in Java applets. If you've had problems with Camino's Java support in the past, then give it a spin. Also works in firefox.

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