May 24, 2004

0.9 Roadmap

We're not yet done with 0.8, but for people curious about what we're doing for 0.9, here's an initial roadmap:

  • Rework preferences, especially the Navigation panel so prefs aren't buried and hidden inside tabs
  • A new tab widget, increasing performance and allowing us to customize the appearance over the OS tabs. Also lets us do fun stuff like dragging to reorder tabs.
  • Remembering form values and form auto-fill from your address card
  • Better bookmark search UI
  • History menus on back/foward button (might make it for 0.8 if i feel motivated)

That's all I can think of for now.

Posted by pinkerton at 8:28 PM

It's nice to feel appreciated

I arrived at work this morning to find 30 emails in my Camino Feedback folder from the weekend. Immediately my stomach started to sink, dreading the task of reading 30 pieces of hate mail from random users on the internet, each describing in painstaking detail how I ruined the program (single-handedly, I guess) or how it would be a useless toy until feature XYZ was implemented.

To my surprise, only one message was of this variety. The other 29 contained minor issues or feature requests or statements of websites not fully working, but all heaped praise upon our efforts and offered encouragment to keep going. Many said they've now returned to Camino as their default browser.

It's nice to feel appreciated after suffering a year of "why don't you just give up and use Safari?" There will always be people that don't like it or only like whatever FruitCo produces. That's fine, I made my peace with that years ago. This product is for those that don't.

We're collecting a good list of issues for 0.8 from everyone's feedback. The final release should be even better than the beta.

Posted by pinkerton at 9:14 AM

May 17, 2004

Like a proud mother

I'm happy to announce the release of Camino 0.8beta. Don't delay. It's good enough to replace 0.7, but we still need help tracking down a few more issues before we call it final.

Thanks to everyone involved, this release is easily our best ever.

Posted by pinkerton at 9:23 PM

May 15, 2004

Ain't Nothin' Better

There ain't nothin' better than playoff hockey, especially in HD. However ABC/ESPN insist on using too many SD cameras and framing the action for SD sets. The result is frequent zooming and panning for no reason, which makes the action hard to follow. HDNet does hockey so much better. Heck, they do just about everything better.

I finally watched Heavy Metal after many years of seeing it advertised at Midnight Madness at the movie theater I frequented as a kid. Boy was I disappointed. Maybe it had more impact in 1981, but unless you're into large cartoon breasts, there's really no point to watching it. Heck, even if you are it's not worth it. Maybe it would have made a good date movie in the 80s (still not sure how, grasping at straws here).

Sun has started showing Mac SeaMonkey in its Java commercials. Not Firefox, not Camino, not even Safari. Mac SeaMonkey. WTF!? I guess there's no explaining some people's tastes.

Posted by pinkerton at 5:45 PM

May 13, 2004

Final Beta Candidate

Build 2004051308 (0.8b) is our first final candidate build for beta. This means that if nothing else goes horribly wrong (ie, nobody's grandmother dies), it will be the beta build.

Please download it and bang on it and see if you can find anything serious. Non-serious bugs are good too, as they'll help make 0.8 or the trunk better, but we're mostly concerned with major regressions from last week or the week before

Barring any problems, we should release this build as beta Monday or Tuesday of next week (so you have the weekend to test).

Thanks to everone for their support.

Posted by pinkerton at 10:27 PM

May 12, 2004

Forest. Trees. Eyes Wide Shut.

After exhausting the internet and spending hours on dead-end after dead-end pursuing a solution for a click-hold button in cocoa, a coworker of mine (thanks Steve!!!) prompted me to look at the bookmark toolbar code. Lo-and-behold, we already have this code living smack dab in the middle of Camino.


Posted by pinkerton at 10:59 PM

May 11, 2004

Very Close To FC1

Tomorrow's Camino branch nightly will be the beta final candidate build. I'll post a link tomorrow when it's ready. We need to beat the heck out of this and see if there are any serious last minute regressions that would hold us back from pushing it as beta.

We still don't yet have talkback, Mozilla is continuing to work on the problem but there is no ETA. At least the new server has been delivered, but installation is proving troublesome.

Posted by pinkerton at 11:07 PM

May 9, 2004

Forever Young

Yes, I admit it. I cried during the last episode of Friends. Not once, but twice. Does that cement me in the "teenage girl hall of fame (shame?)" for all eternity? Oh come on, I know you cried too! Be the teenage girl you know you are longing to be and step up! Admit it!

I thought it was a good finale, though NBC ended the timeslot right when Rachel walks in and they kiss. Since I don't record ER, I have no idea what happened next. Sigh. Way to go NBC.

Posted by pinkerton at 1:38 PM

FBI Files

I was just sent an (unsolicited) photo of the President and his wife by the Republican party of Virginia. Is it condisered treason if I discard it? How about if I shred it? Or burn it? I'm sure just posting this will garner me a file in some dark room at FBI headquarters. If only Dana Scully would come interrogate me. Meow :-D

Posted by pinkerton at 1:35 PM

May 8, 2004

Time Flies

I just realized I've been blogging for over 2 years now. I so need to get out more. I've already realized that I'm nowhere near as funny as I used to be. Better hit "save" before I get overly contemplative and raid the honor bar to drown my sorrows.

Posted by pinkerton at 1:36 AM

Another Apple Bug

Discovered another Apple bug tonight, reported as radar 3648059. If you use a popupCell to display a popup and it's positioned too close to the bottom of the screen, the menu displays several inches away from the mouse location. This affects Camino's <select> widgets positioned near the bottom of the screen. Happens in a very simple test app, so...bug filed. At least it's not a show stopper.

Leaving the bay area tomorrow, it was very nice to be back even if I was in meetings all week long.

Posted by pinkerton at 1:12 AM

May 7, 2004


Thanks to the heroic efforts of Stuart Morgan, the most visible rendering glitch on Panther has been stamped out!! No longer will pages with IFRAMEs be plagued by splotches of white as the page loads or as images animate. The solution was very simple, but required use of new APIs of which I was unaware. Great catch, Stuart!

I'm really excited about nailing this highly visible issue. I'm planning on declaring tomorrow's branch build the beta candidate after some smoketests. 0.7 was a great release, but I think 0.8 is going to be our best yet.

Stay tuned!

Posted by pinkerton at 4:22 AM

May 5, 2004

Getting Closer

We're getting close to a final candidate build for the 0.8 beta. I wanted to wait a day or two to land a couple more things then see if we can get a candidate (with or without Talkback, we're still waiting on server bits).

Oddly, my old Netscape badge still works.

Posted by pinkerton at 8:48 PM

May 4, 2004

Bloody, but not beaten

I'm trying to do the click-hold back/forward toolbar buttons, but I can't get cocoa to do what I want. If I make a custom NSButton subclass, I can't use the click tracking of the standard button because it eats mouse ups so I can't clear my click-hold timer. I can't override the cell because the default button cell impl doesn't call stopMouseTracking (resulting in the same problem).

Any cocoa gurus have some sample code for click-hold context menus on buttons? It would be greatly appreciated, this is our most requested feature by orders of magnitude.

Posted by pinkerton at 1:14 AM