April 30, 2004

Camino beta branch nightlies available

bryner has setup one of the Mozilla Foundation macs to produce nightly builds of the beta branch. You can distinguish the branch folders because they have "-0.8" appended to the folder name (eg, "2004-04-29-08-0.8/").

I still need to make a minor tweak to the plist so it correctly identifies itself in the UI as 0.8b, but for the most part, it's a solid branch that needs to start getting some heavy pounding before we push it for beta. MF wants to land a couple things on their 1.7f branch from the recent trunk work before it goes final, and we'll have to do some work to pick up those changes. We also still need to get talkback in.

So none of these branch builds are what you'd call "beta candidate" builds, but as I said, we're getting pretty close. I'll post when I think we have a candidate build so people can bang on it a little harder.

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April 28, 2004

Thank you!

Thank you, America, for voting out John Stevens. Thank you!

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April 25, 2004

Camino 0.8b Branch

We've branched for beta, that means that now we have two parallel development tracks:

  • Trunk (camino trunk/mozilla trunk) - the bleeding edge, changes that will go into Mozila 1.9a and future camino releases
  • Branch (camino 0.8, mozilla 1.7f) - what will be released as Camino 0.8beta/final using Mozilla 1.7f as its basis. Checkins to this branch are much more tightly controlled to prevent regressions.

To pull camino on the branch, check out mozilla/camino.mk on the branch "MOZILLA_1_7_BRANCH" and the scripts will handle the rest.

We don't yet have a tinderbox nor a nightly build for this branch, but bryner is working on getting the machines ready, probably tomorrow or the next day. That means that each day, we'll have two nightly releases: trunk and 0.8. We need to make sure that both get tested to avoid big regressions but the branch is the most important since it's what will be released in the short term.

We're getting close. Hopefully we can have a beta out in the next couple of weeks.

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April 23, 2004


You know, I think John Mayer's No Such Thing might just be the catchiest song I've heard in a long time.

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April 20, 2004

American Trash

I can't believe I'm still watching American Idol. Not only did JPL go out before JS (the readhead with zero, I repeat, zero talent!), but this week's episode is Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow!? Did they jump the shark!?

Why is America voting this way? Does it have no sense? Does it have no taste? Please, somebody explain this to me because I'm about to move to Canada.

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April 19, 2004


I was in Seattle for a couple of days at the end of last week and I quite enjoyed it. It's a beautiful city and reminds me a lot of San Francisco, except much cleaner. I'll try to put my pictures up for those that have never been there, but they really don't do it justice.

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Camino 0.8beta Update

Now that Mozilla 1.7 has branched for 1.7final, it's about time to create our own branch of the mozilla/camino tree to go along with it. Sometime this week, I'll create a branch (from last Thursday) and we'll stay on that until we release 0.8final. Along the way, we'll release a beta build off that branch.

This means that any changes in mozilla/camino will need to be landed on both the trunk and the branch, and there will be two builds delivered every day (so we can ensure we don't regress). Tinderbox will alternate building trunk and branch, again preventing major bustages and regressions.

We are still waiting on Talkback at the server end, apparantly the Talkback server delivered to MF doesn't yet support Mac bits. The ETA is "about a week" but has been that for the last N weeks. Once that's resolved, Leaf will have to update the nightly build script to package everything (another delay).

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April 5, 2004

Ten Random Thoughts

1) Spending 7 hours at Ikea helping friends look for furniture is not the best way to spend a Sunday, especially when all you come out the trip with is a step stool and a $4 wastebasket.

2) Women's March Madness is just as fun to watch as men's, even if the game is totally different.

3) Go Georgia Tech. Go baby go! Go GO GO!

4) Duke? Never heard of them. Are they any good?

5) Gateway stores are finally closing down. I guess America isn't buying their white-trash 480p plasmas. Oh wait, jinglepants bought an EDTV. Number 10 my ass.

6) Go Georgia Tech!!!!!!!!

7) What A Girl Wants is a terrible movie, I could have written a better screenplay. I could even act in it if I was 18 with a smokin' body. Maybe I'll ask jinglepants.

8) The first three episodes of Deadwood encore Friday night at 8pm, back to back to back. You will watch them. Repeat after me. Of course, if you have kids in the age range of 12 months to 18 years, make sure they're not in the house. Remember, the Pinkertons always get their man.

9) Bad Boys II is surprisingly funny for a sequel. Who'd have thought?

10) Why are you still reading this drivel?

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