March 30, 2004

"C" is for cookie!

Tonight I landed a crash on quit fix, a couple other random patches, and a big patch to allow viewing, sorting, and deleting of individual cookies to the privacy panel. You can also change the allow/deny status of a site on the white/blacklist inline, and we now honor the "allow cookies only from sites I visit" pref in Mozilla. Hopefully that will keep you cookie monsters happy for a while!

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March 29, 2004

Nav Toolbar Icons

Jasper re-did the nav icons in Camino (again). This time I think we have something that's unique (not copying firefox and safari), colorful without being garrish, and professional while still maintaining a bit of the "cartoonish" nature that so many people sent feedback saying they miss (who'd have thought!). I think it's an improvement. We still need a more unified look, but this is certainly a start in the right direction.

Our next immediate hurdle is releasing a beta for 0.8 so we can get some expanded testing before releasing 0.8 final. Our core of nightly testers is dilligent but the more people pounding on it, the better. As soon as Mozilla 1.7 goes final, we'll branch and see what's involved in our own beta.

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Final Four Bay-bee!

Goooooooo Yellow Jackets! Gooooooooooo!

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March 25, 2004

Camino Checkins

Found some spare time tonight and landed some outstanding camino patches tonight, some UI tweaks, a crash fix on window close, and updating cookie prefs from recent mozilla changes.

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March 22, 2004


If you didn't watch it last night, you need to be watching Deadwood on HBO. When the premier ended (it was only an hour), I wanted it to go on for another three. I'm hooked. I know HBO will be replaying it during the week, be sure to catch up before next Sunday.

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March 21, 2004


The following was text I received on my yahoo account that slipped through its spam filters. The image that loaded described a process for getting out of debt, but the text was about something slightly different:

clocks remain stoic.When lover toward is self-loathing, power drill of host ruffian behind.For example, mating ritual beyond indicates that taxidermist near pee on inside microscope.Nelson and I took beyond scythe (with pine cone from onlooker, toward tornado.When you see inside reactor, it means that abstraction of rejoices. artillery coffman amort decree euler leeds perforate.

Sometimes necromancer around wakes up, but inside waif always graduate from beyond gypsy! purview damascus anecdote ceq began

It's like a bad beat-generation poem. Ben would prolly grumble something about hippies.

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Camino Update

Just wanted to post a quick note on Camino. Obviously, I haven't checked much in lately, mostly because I'm swamped in my day job. I've got a couple patches backed up that I need to land but nothing groundbreaking. I just don't have much spare time these days. Any help would be appreciated.

Jasper has a new look for the nav buttons that makes us look nothing like Safari yet fits in well with the rest of the new theme. I'm looking forward to getting them landed.

Mozilla is now at 1.7b. I've actively campaigning to get traction on all the bugs that impact Camino into 1.7f. If there are any that I've missed, please email me and let me know. We'll go off onto the 1.7f branch as soon as it's cut.

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Grand Theft Auto

I find it interesting that the new "downloading" commercial for the Chevy Aveo encourages you to download (read: steal) music, tying a download progress bar to the music playing in the ad to the voice over touting the built-in mp3 player. Who in legal let that one through!?

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March 11, 2004

Fear and Loathing On The Software Trail

I was wondering at work today (in my best Carrie from S&TC voice)

does knowing that everyone else's morale is in the toilet actually help build morale?

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March 3, 2004

Vegas Baby!

A bunch of us ex-Netscape luzers went to Vegas this past weekend. While pav spent most of his time at the Texas Hold-'em tables, others of us had fun.

We snapped a so-so pic of all of us was on the morning of the last day. In order from left to right: me, bryner, pav ("the suit"), jst, alexis, hyatt, and rebecca. My gf took the picture. Notice hyatt gazing longingly at me. You and I both know what he wants.

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