February 28, 2003

I'm in so much trouble

Just went to Rosenthal Infiniti and sat in the back while a friend test-drove a G35 coupe. Wow. I mean, I always wanted one and I've been talking them up to friends for a while now, but I'd never sat in one before, stationery or moving. Wow.

The interior looks pretty chintzy in the photos, not befitting of a $40k sports coupe, but sitting inside one is a whole different experience. The leather is nice, with heated seats and plenty of leg room. Three DC outlets in front are a nice touch. The dual-climate control and nav system also seem well done. The 6-CD in-dash changer was a surprise. One final touch is the pre-wired support for satellite radio. Sure you still have to buy a decoder and sign up, but you can get a 3rd party decoder anywhere and use either satellite service. You're not locked into a factory unit. How novel!

The actual drive was fun. Unfortunately we could only drive an automatic (we'd both want a stick, but Infiniti doesn't allow those to be testdriven). It certainly had much more torque and HP than my celica. I could feel that from the backseat. Traction control kept us straight on the road even when one of the back tires was spinning in sand and salt while pulling out onto the street. I would agree with his assessment that the auto had some delay problems follwing his lead. I could hear him fighting it. I wouldn't want an auto.

The exterior was sweet. I'd seen them in parking lots, but being able to get up close and really walk around it made me really realize just how sweet this car looks. Lovely. Just lovely. I'd go for diamond graphite with the 18" wheels, but black looks pretty good too. Of course, jinglepants has dissuaded me from EVER buying a black car.

I love my Celica, but I'm in serious trouble.

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February 24, 2003

This weekend, I learned...

After spending a weekend snowboarding in the Poconos, I've learned a few things:

  • Snowboarding in the rain roX0rs: nobody else is on the hill.
  • Pennsylvania doesn't spend its tax money on roads
  • PA drivers are very angry
  • Scranton, PA is like a very different world
  • In PA, there's a pizza joint on every corner
  • My girlfriend loves Arby's (oh yes, she's a keeper!)

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February 19, 2003

Pink Flamingos

If i wrap my house in green plastic to protect myself from terrorists, do I have to get my HOA's permission?

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February 17, 2003


It started snowing Sunday morning. It snowed all day. And then some. And then some more. We're supposed to get more today. My girlfriend went out to her car to get some boots and lost a shoe on the way. All told we probably got about 2 feet (yes, feet) of snow. It's beautiful, but I'm really not sure what we're going to do for food...

I watched the Lakers/Knicks game last night in HD on NBA-TV. Despite some technical glitches, it was one of the best HD sporting events I'd seen. The picture was so sharp that from the mid-court camera you could pick out Jack Nicholson in the stands. I'm not kidding. It was just like being there, but you got replays. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to another live sporting event.

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February 14, 2003

Really, I meant it

When I said we're not soliciting suggestions for new names, I really meant it. Right now Camino has passed the preliminary legal check and they are doing a more in-depth one. Expect resolution sometime next week and the 0.7 release very shortly after (like a day).

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February 12, 2003

Where's Chimera 0.7?

Many of you may be wondering "Where is Chimera 0.7?" It's sure been a while since we've put out a new release and we've got a long list of new features and bugfixes. What we don't have is a name.

You heard me. For a variety of reasons, the details of which I certainly won't go into here because I'll cause myself to blow a gasket, we can no longer legally use the name Chimera. We figured it would be easy to come up with another name and just move on. That was several months ago and many, many painful meetings complete with Chinese water torture and thumbscrews. The net result: we still don't have a good name. Oh, coming up with a name that doesn't suck is easy. We've got plenty. What's hard is coming up with a name that doesn't suck and clears legal. That, my dear readers, is close to impossible.

We have two top contenders right now, Camino and iVoyage. Neither really float my boat, but then again, I didn't think Chimera was a good name either. I even tried to get it changed. I guess that shows what I know. Yet when I tell people we might call it Camino, they burst out laughing. I really don't like being laughed at. Perhaps it dredges up too many childhood memories. Everyone is a critic. It's too easy to say, "God that name sucks," and yet not have any suggestions. That's really not very helpful. Really. Not helpful.

So it all boils down to the fact that we cannot release 0.7 using the name Chimera. Until the name issue gets resolved, don't expect to see it. Rest assured that we are still working on it and we have lots of cool things in store for future versions.

Oh, please, for the love of god, do not suggest any names either in comments on via email. I'll hunt you down and slaughter your family. That's a promise. The last thing I need to see is what you think a kewl name would be. Trust me, it probably won't make it through legal.

Edit: I'm disabling comments to spare MZ's bandwidth and because it seems none of you can read.

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Brain No Workie

I keep thinking today is Thursday. My sources tell me that I am wrong.

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February 9, 2003

Ka-boom Boom

Thursday night I went out into the snow and bought Grand Theft Auto 3. After spending a large chunk of the weekend playing, I have come to a realization:

I am terrible at video games.

I'm not just bad. Really, if I was simply not very good I could get over it and move on. It seems, however, that I am spectacularly bad. Downright terrible. Absolutely abysmal. I can't drive two blocks w/out the car I'm in blowing up. Luckily, one of the cornerstones of GTA3 is blowing stuff up. I've found my calling.

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February 7, 2003

Happy Pills

If you see me in the halls at work and I'm smiling, here's why.

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February 5, 2003

Zoom Zoom!

I was taken aback by the stunning evidence presented this morning by Powell to the United Nations. The critical slide that convinced me went like this:

Gen: Yeah, yeah.

Col: Yeah.

Gen: Yeah?

Col: We have this modified vehicle.

Gen: Yeah.

Wow. Pity this is a conversation between hyatt and Ben about Blake's new riced-up tricycle with flower basket and cards in the spokes. Proud to be an American.

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February 4, 2003


Adding to her title of "greatest girlfriend ever", I just received the first season of Six Feet Under on DVD. Can't wait to watch it again, though I figure I should probably wait for her. It's disappointing that it's 4x3, but I guess the master print wasn't widescreen to start. Let's hope that Season Three is in widescreen. C'mon HBO! You can do it!

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