August 30, 2002

Just bought a new iPod for my trip next week. I love it already. Even the packaging is sexy. Way to go, FruitCo!

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August 29, 2002

Jinglepants writes:

Are you paying attention now, you ignorant, stupid, incompetent buffoons?

Yeah, i pretty much agree. The management chain at Netscape deserves this one 110%. It was only a matter of time before CNet (who are also incompetent and obvsiouly didn't even run the product they were reviewing) called us on the carpet and made us pay for our greed.

We told you so. We told you so. We told you so.

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August 27, 2002

Anyone who knows me knows i love older women, but dear god Morgan Fairchild is a babe. What is she now? 97?

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Actually, I rule
So i got this IM from out of the blue today:

oofabz: we're discussing you on irc, about mozilla and chimera, and i was wondering if you considered jwz leeter than yourself, or vice versa

Mmmm hmm. Yes, I am 'leeter' than jwz, thankyouverygoddamnmuch.

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I just made up a new word:

amviemacstrous : the ability to use either emacs or vi as one's dominant text editor.

God I'm a dork.

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August 25, 2002

I'd like to point out to Rebecca that a raw potato works much better than pliers on a lightbulb broken in the socket. Muuuuuuch better.

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Update on Sports Night, if you order from right now, you get free shipping. As if you need an excuse to scurry over there and drop it in your shopping cart.

The new season of The Sopranos looks bloody awesome. September 15th is the date and I may not be able to contain myself until then. Only two more episodes of Sex and the City. Can you believe that? What kind of crock season is this? But they're bringing back Chris Noth for at least one of the episodes. God he's so dreamy. If I wasn't straight I'd be stalking him.

Upgraded to Jaguar last week on my powerbook. iChat is fun and very slick, but totally lacking in some critical functionality, most importantly the inability to block someone once you have started talking to them. I was harrased by someone out of the blue (with a SN of "godismans") but I couldn't block them once I realized that this person wanted to know "if I was a boy or a girl" because he had something to share that would be "music to my ears." Needless to say this moron is now blocked, but it was too hard to do. Is this Steve Jobs' new user interface paradigm, to remove the most useful functionality of an app until even a total novice would find it too simplistic?

I also have to rant about their new development tools. It seems that the new dev tools only work on Jaguar, and the old dev tools don't. This would all be ok if only ProjectBuilder 2.0 was backwards compatible to version 1.x. As a result, all developers on a project have to be running Jaguar, or none of them can be. WTF?! Not only that, but Jaguar breaks the Mozilla CFM build because it breaks the AppleScript we use to drive CodeWarrior and the build system. I won't even go into what they did to Mozilla's Java plugin. Good job all around, Apple. Maybe less time spent on iChat and more on actually making the OS suck less would be a good plan for 10.3?

Chimera 0.5 should be out in about a week and I'm not quite sure if I feel good about it. I think we're dangerously close to being buggy. Too many new features, not enough care. I'm not even sure how many of the new features we've added are really of any use. Thankfully we've also fixed a couple huge memory leaks and some pretty heinous bugs.

I'm so glad it's football season again. I was going absolutely crazy.

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August 21, 2002

Wahoo, our flaging stock price is back above $14!

Dan: (appearing in doorway) Either of you interested in participating in the sports of kings?
Dana: We're gonna race horses?
Dan: We're gonna play poker.
Dana: That's not the sport of kings.
Dan: What's the sport of kings?
Dana: Racing horses.
Dan: What's poker the sport of?
Dana: The sport of people who play poker.
Dan: Thank you.
Dana: Isaac's shrinking.
Isaac: Oh, yeah, Dana, I forgot to ask you, please, spread that around.
Dan: What do you say? We've got nothing to do for two hours.
Dana: Ten dollar minimum, three raise limit?
Dan: Whatever.
Dana: Shoe money tonight!

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There's nothing like being the lone Netscape representative in Dulles. Why is it they think that I know anything more than they do? How the heck would I know how far Beard got on the java bug?! I'm sorry Conrad can't fix two bugs simultaneously. Sheesh. What do they want from me? Blood?

Sigh. MozillaCFM doesn't build under Jaguar. It's not mozilla's fault, it's stupid bugs in the tools. Could today suck any more?

Sports Night on DVD showed up on

Someone (I won't say who, but mind you, they really need to get out more) actually mailed me a blogger template with a fixed position image of one of my cats. Now, not only did they have to come up with said template, they had to cut Keiko out of one of the pictures on my website and separate her from the background. Free time like this should be spent taking drugs or binge drinking. Hey, if you're not going to take your medication, can I have it?

Ever get bad directions from mapquest? Need I say more?

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August 17, 2002

More info for those interested in Sports Night on DVD. Sure, it could all be a cruel hoax. It could also be a most wonderful event.

"Sometimes it's worth it, taking all those pies in the face...And some days you just stand there, waist deep in pie." My favorite Sports Night quote neatly sums up my week. Priorities come, priorities go. I guess it's all about keeping your eye on the prize and know that management will eventually come around: the direction du jour. I've been at Netscape for over 5 years and the only things I've ever really been proud of have all been stealth projects that got me in trouble with my manager. Only after being presented with a finished product in the nick of time to save their necks did management realize the importance of what I'd been doing.

AOL is very much about short-term numbers. If you're not going to affect the bottom line for this quarter, they don't want to hear it. If you ask me, that's exactly why they're in the situation they are now. Every plan is based on narrow-minded, short-term decision making. And how do we plan to get out of this hole? The current answer is to make more narrow-minded and short-term decisions. It's reactionary and it's stupid, stupid, stupid. These decisions will only hurt us.

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August 15, 2002

I am as giddy as a schoolgirl. My favorite show ever (Sports Night) will be coming to DVD in November. Both seasons on 6 DVDs. They are also releasing the first season of Law&Order. Shoe Money Tonight!!!

Everyone is watching Big Brother 3, right? It's really getting interesting this year, and nasty. Even better for us at home!

Now that baseball is headed towards a strike, is it possible that people have already given up and declared "abducting teen girls" the new national pastime?

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August 11, 2002

Dear lord, the ninny from kiwi-land is quoting me, and boy is it ever out of context. Sigh.

What really bothers me, however, is that Rebecca's blogs are much funnier than my own. Maybe I should get blake to go beat her up.

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I'm disappointed that all the movies I wanted to see this weekend have been getting terrible reviews. I've been eagerly awaiting xXx because, well, Vinn Diesel is a bad-ass of monumental proportion. However I find that my teenage step-sister and her boyfriend thought it wasn't all that great. If it failed to impress a teenage boy, what hope is there? The other movie I've been anticipating is Blood Work because, well, Clint Eastwood is a bad-ass of monumental proportion. Ok, perhaps that's not quite true, but it's close. I've only seen mediocre reviews of that as well. Sigh. I guess I'll have to settle for waiting until turkey day for more great movies.

Borrowing a meme from tonight's Sex and the City, I wonder if perhaps my earlier comments about fear and loathing were overly judgemental -- or maybe mescaline-induced hallucinations; did I really see bats? We're all judgemental about the unknown, especially when it walks right up to you and tweaks you on the nose. I'm too young to be this cynical, maybe it's all a blessing in disguise. Sure, it's dressed up like Boy George, but hey, not like there's anything wrong with that, right? I guess part of being an adult is rolling with the punches, not running to Daddy whenever you skin your knee or the bully on the playground goes "boogily woogily". So we roll: float like a butterly, sting like a bee. It's adaptation that keeps us alive. I must outrun the dinosaur.

I wonder what will happen to me when I finally do have a mid-life crisis. I mean really, if I'm a basketcase now, what chance do I have of surviving that?

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August 8, 2002

I look around at my peers and notice that they're blogging every 20 god-damn minutes. Makes me wonder if it's a good way to meet women. Well, it certainly is a good way to meet 8-year-olds. Me, I'd rather fix my Chimera bugs and go home early to drink by myself. Oh wait, that's bad, right?

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I'm very happy that Jingle pants has decided to shamelessly copy the Cocoa toolbar customization dialog for m/b. It means that his brainwashing is complete and we can disconnect the leads from his cute little bottom. It would be hysterical, to me at least though i'm easily amused, if mozilla finally got a good dose of well-thought UI design from hyatt. FruitCo may worm its way into mozilla yet.

I spent a few hours last night trying to redo my personal website with iframes. I gave up after not even being able to make an html table that occupied 100% of the height of the window. What happened to me? I used to be so good at html. I started over again tonight and just duplicated the navbar on each page. So what if I don't have CSS9 and DOM4 features on my webpage? Who needs floating cats and fixed position spoons? I mean really. What was wrong with HTML3?

Kira wants to take this opportunity to say, "Meow."

I'm gonna miss Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football this year. The wine is taking over. I am outta here.

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August 6, 2002

Fear and Loathing in Dulles
It wouldn't be such a big deal if we hadn't seen it all before. Watching history repeat itself, after myself living through (and surviving) the Great War, fills my soul with dread. Why do companies have such a hard time learning from their past mistakes? Why must they make them again and again simply because management refuses to listen to line-level management and engineering when they firmly plant little red flags in the ground? I'm sure it's because certain parts of managment have their own flags to plant: big, wavy, this-is-my-land-bitch-you-better-step-off flags. Flags of Crusaders. Flags of Doom.

And so we, the proud little pawns of engineering, go charging into the breech to fill the hole in the line and even assist the invading armies. Isn't our goal to spread the Gecko user-agent far and wide? Does it matter who uses it, or for what purpose? Does it matter whose feathers get ruffled? Does it matter who gets the ax? Does it matter that it's all about ego and not about the best software? Does it matter the invading armies have no desire to play in an open-source world?

I am trying to sit calmly on the hillside, hugging my little Chimera, keeping it warm and safe, hoping that it will be a lucritive prize, not just a trophy and casualty of war. Yet as I sit on the sidelines, I watch my comrades in arms being bloodied in the valley below and more dread sets in. Then I wonder if it's only a matter of time before they come after me. Perhaps it's just me being Chicken Little, but I have seen it all before.

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