July 21, 2002

Season premier tonight of Sex & The City. More great television from my parent company. See, not everything we do sucks donkey.

I bought Neverwinter Nights over the weekend. Had to buy the PeeCee version and play it on my Dell at work, which I don't care for. I even thought for a fleeting moment, wandering through Best Buy, of buying a cheap PC for home. I just couldn't do it. I'm glad, because so far the game isn't all that. If I wanted hack&slash, I'd have bought Diablo II. I know the greatness of the game lies in its toolset, but I still expected more. Another technological marvel, down the tubes? How could GameSpot have given this a 9.2?

So I finally got my digital camera. It came with 3 CDs full of software and drivers and stuff that made my head spin. I took a picture of my cats, plugged it into my Powerbook, and iPhoto launched and I imported the picture. It just worked. No software to install, no drivers headaches. I just plugged it in and it fucking worked the first time. I love my mac. Of course, I get my camera the morning after I get back from Gettysburg. Sigh.

I find it hysterical that people actually didn't get that jinglepants was joking in his blog about his first days at Fruit-Co. Mac users need to get out more. Like, a lot more. This means you.

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July 17, 2002

Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg, PA


Standing along Cemetary Ridge is a sobering experience, looking across the open field to Seminary Ridge from where 12,000 troops of the Conferderate States of America charged. Standing at the top of Little Round Top, peering over the rocks into Devil's Den and imagining the fear of being picked off from 500 yards by sharpshooters in the valley below. Lincoln's timeless and patriotic words christening the cemetary with his Gettysburg Address.

The other thing I realized is that most people are not in the least attractive. They look like they belong on Jerry Springer, and talk like it to boot. In addition, American's are fat loafs and the youth of this fine nation are basically clueless. Sigh. Perhaps I'm not so concerned about getting old, but being dependent on today's youth to run the country and take care of me and wipe the drool off my face. I don't think that's quite what Townshend meant.

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July 16, 2002

Harper's Ferry, WV

Harper's Ferry, WV

I learned two things today:

  1. Civil War soldiers must have been super-human bad-asses
  2. I am a bona-fide pussy.

I got about half way up into the Maryland Heights and simply ran out of gas. So much for all the cardio I do at the gym. I didn't even make it all the way to the top to see the ruins I went there to see. Oh well, another time perhaps. In case you are quick to laugh at my inability to hike a trail, I kid you not that this one went straight up. When the National Parks Service says "a strenuous, but rewarding hike," they really mean: "Do not attempt unless you are a tri-athelete. Take your panzy-ass to another trail before I kick sand in your face." Even the "consolation" trail that was "more gentle" continued straight up past the split.

Wandering around town was fun, for about 20 minutes. Unless you happen to like expensive steak or crappy little antique stores, wild and wonderful downtown Harper's Ferry is not the place to be. Not a hooker to be seen, though even if there was, she probably wouldn't be one of the good crack-whore variety I can get in town.

The scenery was beautiful, two great American rivers coming together at a little outcropping of rock that man shaped, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, ...you get the picture. Harper's Ferry changed hands eight times during the Civil War. But that didn't impact the mountains and the rivers. Stunning.

Tomorrow, Gettysburg. I will make sure I bring more water (I ran out), more food (I ran out), and remember to take my tennis shoes out of the car this time (I only have one blister, at least). Is this simply a sign that I should stay behind my desk like a good little drone? Is Mother Nature trying to not-so-subtley tell me something? Tomorrow I will conquer the great outdoors. Maybe I'll even get to see some civil war stuff too.

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July 15, 2002

Ugh, so my blog template got messed up in the rewrite. In order to publish anything, i had to toss it and start over. The internet is great until it isn't. Oh well, I get what I pay for.

For those keeping score, I've got back to a paper planner for everything execpt for addresses and phone numbers. Somehow, I just seem to get more done when I see my tasklist in my own handwriting. It also helps me focus on what's really important since I need to spend time every morning planning. We'll see if it lasts. It fucking better, it cost me an arm and a leg.

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Hrm, it seems that people actually read this drivel. I guess that means I actually have to update it every now and then. I've been taking some time off from blogging simply because I'm burned out and trying to recenter my life.

Tomorrow I'm off to Harper's Ferry, WV, and the day after, Gettysburg, PA. Yes, I'm a Civil War nut and it's about time I take advantage of the rich history present in the hills around northern Virginia. I'm also due quite a bit of time off (in addition to my sabbatical which I keep pushing off), so I figured I'd take this week off from work and do some things for myself.

Hopefully Chimera 0.4 should be out soon. Between the file system rewrite and more bugfixes than I can count, this little browser is going to turn some heads. That's another reason why I'm taking some much deserved time off.

The last month has emphasized to me the differences between Netscape of five years ago when I joined and the Netscape of today under AOL control. While management and marketing have changed, and infuriatingly for the worst I must say, the quality of the team continues to dazzle me. I am working with some of the most incredible engineers in the industry: dedicated, skilled, and passionate. Macdev@Netscape was, for several years, a joke. Chimera has shown me that we can pull together and really make something special. This is the team I came to Netscape to work with. This is the team that will keep me here for years to come.

Everyone is watching BigBrother 3 riiiiiight? I was at CBS Studios (in Studio City, CA) 2 years ago for July 4th when they brought in the first set of contestants for BB1 in the convoy of black Explorers. Maybe it was the woman I was with at the time, but it was a magical experience. Yeah yeah, it's cheezy, but I'm easily entertained. I still prefer Survivor and The Mole for reality-based game shows, but BB continutes to hook me year after year. I'm still not sure what to think about this "veto" power. We shall see as the game unfolds.

Yeah yeah, Jingle Pants has gone to another job. Nothing to see here, move along. We wish him well.

I'll post more about my day trips when I get back.

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