June 27, 2002

I really need to take some time off. Now I just have to figure out where to go.

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Hrm, chimera may actually not suck. I think I fixed about 20 bugs this week. Our blocker list is down to around 10, many of which are being actively worked on. As long as we don't regress anything, we may actually have something to be proud of. It's been a long time since we had that at Netscape.

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June 25, 2002

"It's time to grease up your gnome"
You all need to be watching The Mole II. If you're not, well, your loss.

Everyone also needs to be recording Scrubs. Hands down the most hysterical show on TV this year. Maybe it's just the Goldschlager, but I figure I'd laugh out loud even if I were sober.

How much can we whore up a project that we're trying so hard to make everyone believe we don't care about? It's not enough that the default homepage on OS X is already a Netscape property. We want more. Our marketing department makes me sick.

I've gone back to a paper planner. I'm sure i'll keep using my palm, but even after 1 day, I feel more in control of everything that's holding me down. Perhaps I can find a nice balance between PDA and paper planner. I'll keep you posted.

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June 21, 2002

Could i be more burned out?

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Day two of MacHack; a hotel full of TiBooks. Everyone except our small Netscape contingent is running IE. It's very sad. I look around the audience during a session and on every single laptop someone is surfing with MacIE. Even Tim O'Reilly (of O'Reilly & Associates who gave last night's keynote) quickly dismissed Mozilla when scc asked him what he thought. People seem utterly apathetic. Perhaps this is just the wrong forum, but then you'd think that we'd at least see some move towards mozilla among the hacker-elite since 1.0's release. Nope.

Would you think that something called "ProjectX" was actually a web browser? Would you think to double-click it to search the web? I didn't think so. Stupidest fucking name I could ever imagine, and that's what we wind up with.

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June 18, 2002

Well what do you know? Another VBScript error. Luckily i copied the text before i posted. Sigh.

Jingle pants reports that he's in Italy sweating to the oldies. Congrats, Dave. You just spent thousands of dollars to do the same thing you can do for free right here at home! Sucker!

Asa and I were talking last night about popup blocking and standards and how the press seems to have latched onto it. Asa proposed that if, through mozilla, we have a great impact on the internet by influencing other browsers (like, oh, IE) to implement those features, then we're still very relevant. It doesn't matter that our marketshare is in the single digits, we're influencing the marketplace. Ok, I agree, but given that what I do on a day to day basis has little to nothing to do with either of these, I'd sorta like what I do (fix bugs, ship products) to have a greater impact. Maybe I'm just selfish. Maybe we can both have it our way.

Has anyone noticed that NS7 PR1 doesn't have popup blocking? Why hasn't anyone held AOL's chestnuts to the fire over this decision? I mean, it's really the only thing reviewers talk about. We're going to have to pull it from Chimera too, I can feel it. I can use phrases like "over my dead, disemboweled body" but they only go so far to product marketing.

Boy, I sure wish I worked at Microsoft. It seems everyone even gets their own cup of coffee, but they have to share it with the interns. What makes a place cool to work isn't the free cokes and (zowie!) free coffee. It's working with really smart people and doing really great things. Notice he doesn't mention any of that. He just blathers about the apple juice.

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June 17, 2002

I Smell Bacon!

I Smell Bacon!
Tonight, I watched the second episode of Six Feet Under, followed by the 1986 movie Manhunter. I hadn't seen Manhunter since high school and I really enjoyed it (well, except for the synthesized music and the cheezball beach scene at the end). As I was watching it, I realized there was a link between the two shows:

  • Willam Petersen, the lead in Manhunter, is also the lead on another favorite of mine, C.S.I where he costars with...
  • Marg Helgenberger, who is married to...
  • Alan Rosenberg, the ex-husband on the TV sitcom Cybil which also featured...
  • Peter Krause playing the often discussed but rarely seen husband of Cybil's first daughter and, surprise, lead on Six Feet Under.

    Eat that up, jinglepants. I'm sure you can do it in fewer steps, but I came up with mine all by myself.

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  • June 14, 2002

    I was just poking around the Six Feet Under site on HBO.com and I came across a disclaimer. The most interesting part is reproduced below (without permission, the use of caps is theirs, not mine):


    Oh wow. Makes me think someone actually did this.

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    Today marks the most celebrated drinking holiday of the year in the United States. Yes, you guessed it...

    Flag Day

    Awww yeah.

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    June 13, 2002

    I never thought I'd see the day
    ABC, killer of all TV that is good and true, has decided to bring back The Mole 2 which they took off the air mid-season in October 2001. If you can't tell, i'm still bitter about Sports Night and Once and Again, but I will suspend a small bit of my hate and bile if they play out the rest of the season. I can't wait!

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    Wow, another VBScript error. Luckily my last blog was only 2 lines, sorta like this one.

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    Well, the NBA season is over and hockey may very well be tonight. Detroit just seems to be manhandling the Hurricanes just like the Lakers walked all over the Nets. The Hurricanes, however, seem to still be kicking. We'll see if they get behind. While I love baseball, there seems like there's going to be a hole in sports coverage for the next few months until the NFL picks up again.

    When I was growing up, I used to listen to John Miller do the Orioles games on WTOP. There was always something magical about hearing him on the radio. When I moved to the SF Bay Area, I was pleasantly surprised to find him doing the Giants games on KNBR. I was in heaven, and listened as often as I could. Now that I'm back in the DC area, I once again get to listen to the Orioles, but something is different this time. The announcer drives me nuts. I can't stand listening to him. Such is life.

    I'm not quite sure what I think about Apple's new "switch" commercials. They look like everybody's favorite 8-year-old did them in iMovie. We all know that's not true, though, because he wouldn't be caught dead using a Mac for anything more than a paperweight, and even then he'd feel like he had some explaining to do. I feel like I could probably make these ads better than they can. They must be dirt cheap to produce though. Does anyone really think that seeing these awkward people stumble over something that may pass for a monologue describing why they, like, switched to a Mac will convince anyone to make the switch? It's like Coke and Pepsi commercials. Am I suddenly going to switch to Pepsi because I see some hot chick promoting it? Maybe the American public really is that mindless (we know Pav is). Makes me wonder.

    We have a similar problem trying to advertise and promote Mozilla. I mean, really, how do you effectively get in someone's face about their browser choice? Most people don't even know they're using a browser. Many people think they're using a different browser than they really are. Most people swear browser X is crappy and browser Y is the best, though they use browser X and couldn't tell you a single difference between X and Y. Just about everyone, however, agrees that the browser wars are over and Netscape lost years ago. All this is true. So what do we do? Is it enough to build software that just doesn't suck? Will they come even if we don't do anything to advertise it? Beats me.

    It's good to see that jingle pants is blogging from England. I wonder if he had to sneak off in the middle of the night. I wonder if Rebecca has left him yet. I wonder why he is sober enough to type and sight-see. Lord knows I wouldn't be.

    Still having more data integrity issues with my Palm. Sigh. I love my palm. I haven't used a paper planner since 1996 when I first got my hands on a Newton. But this week I've been seriously thinking about ditching all of this technology and just going back to a paper planner. Sure, it's more work. Sure it's a serious pain in the ass. Sure it's not neat and tidy. But it doesn't crash on you. It doesn't corrupt itself. The worst that could happen is that I misplace it and lose everything. I guess that would suck more than what has happened to me. At least now I have all my data, it just won't sync because the palm and the desktop both think the other is corrupted, and it keeps getting into this state after I repair it. I couldn't stand using a paper planner after the joys of the Newton and the Palm. But I am an office-supply junky and a paper planner is the ultimate in office-supply masturbation. I'll keep you all posted.

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    June 11, 2002

    Hrm, well so much for enjoyment. My palm's to-do list got corrupted today. I hope I get all my bills paid on time.

    Very burned out. So many bugs, so little time. Got scrollbars in <select>'s working after a week of banging my head into some not-so-well-padded walls. Kathy Brade got copy link location working. I'll check that in tomorrow morning. Turned on CG metrics for the quartz rendering. That'll slow us down another 7% (12% overall) but hopefully it'll be good enough to quiet the dissent about the appearance.

    As if calling a product "Nads" isn't bad enough, to then turn around and sell it to men seems, well, downright bizarre. Perhaps I would see it another way if I was covered in hair.

    The USA really gets boned when it comes to Pete Townshend releases, yet have no fear, the internet comes to the rescue. I popped over to eelpie.com and ordered the real deal online. I love buying things in English pounds. Makes me feel regal.

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    June 10, 2002

    Wouldn't you know that Cingular wireless is TDMA in the DC area. That means no Treo for me unless I go with VoiceStream, and their plans all blow. Sigh.

    FWIW, today's my birthday. I think i'll stop looking at chimera bugs and go enjoy the sunshine.

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    June 9, 2002

    I just wrote a huge reply to jingle pants' last comment about Chimera and the large number of requests for new fluffy features and web-developer knick-knacks. Then blogger had a VBScript error and ate it. Sigh. It was truly glorious.

    Chimera is not mozilla. Repeat after me. One more time, just so you have it. Sure, we can add all these dork-boy features. People will say they won't use Chimera unless we do. Then where are we? We've made the lambs stop screaming, but we've lost everything we were trying to accomplish. The vocal minority has its pet features, and everyone is left with a browser that's overly complex and unapproachable. Mozilla intimidates me and I've been working on it for 4 years. How would you expect novice users to react?

    I think the answer is simple: we maintain our current course. The set of users that swear they'll never touch Chimera will use it anyway. Honest. They really will. They'll like it, and they won't even know why. When they need that extra feature, they'll fire up mozilla. They'll grumble about it, but my mom doesn't suffer because someone wanted link toolbars or to set an image as wallpaper.

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    HBO is replaying the first season of Six Feet Under, starting tonight with episode one. Yes, this show is good enough that I'll watch it all over again. The Soprano's website also says that the new season will start in September. Sep-fucking-tember? That's like, um, months away! What ever will I do? Read a book? Give me a break!

    Why the heck am I watching Cops? Can anyone answer that? My simple excuse is that my TiVo recorded so, so I have to watch it, right? I can't waste television. I need to get out more.

    Speaking of getting out more, my friends and I got drunk and went to see Undercover Brother Saturday night. Certainly a movie you want to watch after a few beers, but, surprisingly, a movie that you should see. Yeah, it's a rental, but it is worth watching. It doesn't try to work on many levels like Shrek. It only has one level, but that one level is quite humerous if you stop trying to take it seriously. And how can you dis a movie with Denise Richards and Doogie Howser, MD? I mean, c'mon. Solid!

    Speaking of movies you can miss on video, miss The Mothman Prophecies. Just keep walking at Blockbuster. Don't even slow down in front of the display. Keep moving.

    I hope when I get arrested that I'm not a blubbering fool like this woman on Cops. I hope I go down like a man. Naw, I'll cry and offer to give oral pleasure.

    I'm sick of carrying around both a cellphone and my palm. I'm looking into the Handspring Treo or the Samsung i300. However, neither of these work with Verizon. I'd have to switch to either Cingular (ugh) or Sprint (double-ugh). There's a conspiracy here somewhere, if only I could figure out what it is. I really don't care to switch providers, but I hate carrying about both devices. I am a super-dork, but I don't have to look like one.

    Hmmm, I should probably talk about mozilla, eh? Naw, maybe tomorrow. Well, I will at least take a minute to bitch that it doesn't seem to matter how much work anyone does on Chimera, people will always think that the only people on the project are jingle pants and the beauty-school drop out.

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    June 6, 2002

    Wow, it's seriously raining here this afternoon. One of the reasons I moved back to NoVA was because of thunderstorms. This is one serious thunderstorm.

    Chimera 0.3 is shaping up nicely since we got the poor man's quartz rendering landed. It shows a lot of promise, and now is back to within 5% of the version w/out quartz rendering of text. This thing just screams. Now we just have to manage not to fuck it up.

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    The feature requests we're starting to get for Chimera are bordering on ridiculous. I twice had to push back on a feature to let users swap out their button icons. I mean, really. Who gives a fuck?! What's next? A toolbar button to open the 3rd most-recent url in session history in a new tab? Give me a break.

    Chimera's goal is to be simple, clean, and free from fluff and geek-boy features. I phear an imminent invation of geekboys carrying fluffy pillows. It's so easy to just say "yes" to everything, and down that road lies madness and Mozilla's heinously complicated UI. It took me 10 minutes to find a pref in the UI yesterday. The day that Chimera turns into that is the day someone needs to take me out back and put me out of my misery.

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    I feel compelled to mention that I too cried at the end of the Six Feet Under seaon finale. I'm sure that tidbit will get me fired as well. When are these going to come out on DVD?! C'mon HBO! C'mon AOL Time Warner! While you're at it, where is season 3 of Sopranos? I feel dirty that I'm paying for HBO since most of it is just re-run crap, but I'm hooked on their Sunday night lineup. Besides, Peter Krause is dreamy.

    Wouldn't you know it, the digital camera i finally decide to buy -- after months of procrastinating and humming and hawing, doubting, wondering, pondering -- is backordered. Sigh.

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    Where are the plumbers? I swear, if only i could get paid to sit around at home in my underwear and....oh wait...[puts pants back on]...if only i could get paid to sit around at home and wait for these plu....oh wait....maybe my job isnt' so bad after all..

    Naw. It huffs choad.

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    I realized yesterday that I'm really sick of certain parts of my company's management chain, but saying anything more about it will get me fired. Isn't that a shame? We've already lost some key talent because of their spectacular inability to behave like rational human beings; who's next?

    When mozilla engineers are afraid to review simple patches because their manager will yell at them, shouldn't we just give up and go home? Or did I miss something?

    I'm happy to see that I fixed a bug that mpt is actually pleased about. Wow. Does this mean sometimes he smiles?

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