December 23, 2010


I noticed that CulturedCode finally put up a blog about their sync story for Things. The gist of it is "sync is hard, we underestimated it." I'm glad to see they're owning up to it, but I'm a little surprised. Every one of their competitors has had something shipping, or in beta, for a long time now. Even if they didn't have the server infrastructure, they could have leveraged MobileMe, like OmniGroup did, in the short term. Instead, they came up with a generic solution, but what do they need that for? Seems like a massive case of over-engineering.

We'll soon know more details, as they claim they're going to be more forthcoming with their updates. I sure hope so, they owe their users that much. That said, they still haven't said when the feature will be available.

I think this comment sums up my feelings: "Judging by the comments here (and elsewhere), in the amount of time that has been spent trying to build a perfect, scalable sync framework, they’ve hemorrhaged a vast portion of their customer base to other apps."

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