October 23, 2010

Notes, take two

After my last post all about Note Taker HD, I stumbled across a newly updated app called NotesPlus. It is another app for taking notes on the iPad, but the main difference is that the user interface of NotesPlus is wonderful and natural. It also supports typed text, recognizing shapes, and group selections. Oh, and audio recording. It, too, supports a large text area that allows you to fit more on a page while writing comfortably.

What it doesn't have is the ability to import a PDF background for arbitrary annotation, which as I said before is very valuable to my studying. I emailed the author, hopefully that's in his list of things to implement. He's mentioned on his blog that he wants to release every few weeks, which is great for users!

There is a YouTube video of it in action, check out http://notesplusapp.com. Right now, it's on sale at the app store for $0.99. It's a total bargain and well worth it to support this author.

Another successful blog with PlainText, which I'm enjoying. Mostly because it's free. I'm all about the free.

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