January 30, 2010


In the spirit of the title of this blog, I wanted to pass along my experience with some software that is really awesome (and free). If you need a way to share data between machines and do some simple syncing, check out Dropbox. It blows iDisk out of the water. With a nuclear bomb. If you've ever been frustrated with iDisk's performance, frequent file copy errors, and just general malaise, try Dropbox right now. It "just works" and it's so easy use.

Yesterday, their servers were down for a bit while I was in the middle of trying to copy some files around. If I was using my iDisk, I would have gotten hangs and failures and dead files. The Finder probably would have locked up and I would have had to Force Quit it. However, Dropbox recovered transparently and when the servers came back up, everything finished copying without a hiccup. Proper error handling. Imagine that. The icons in the Finder are even badged to let you know what's been synced and what hasn't.

Go try it.

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