January 19, 2009

This blog is not yet rated

If you haven't seen the IFC documentary "This Film Is Not Yet Rated," I strongly recommend it. It's an eye-opening glimpse into the stranglehold a small number of media companies have over the film industry, using a secret committee and the application of puritanical morality to stifle filmmakers, especially those not involved with major studios.

iWeb is a nice little app when it comes to putting together a website, but it's clearly designed for people who know absolutely nothing about HTML or web publishing. In fact, any knowledge thereof is actually a hinderance at times to using the product. The way bulleted lists work is still a mystery to me, as is when it decides to convert paragraphs to images to exactly preserve formatting. A good interface makes it easy to do the easy things, yet possible (with some discovery) to do the hard things. iWeb doesn't let you grow. You get what you get, and that's it. That's unfortunate because what it does let you do is sometimes just short of amazing.

Stilling fighting with myself over the MacBook v. MacBook Pro. I think I'd miss the extra screen real-estate, but I just can't bring myself to pay that much money. It doesn't help that I have a wedding to pay for this year, and a new car lease upcoming. I could buy-out the lease, but I've been driving the car like I stole it three years ago; I never planned on keeping it past the lease end. Ick.

To Jo's dismay, it took me about a weekend to beat Ratchet and Clank: Future on the PS/3. Now I'm starting Metal Gear Solid 4, but I'm really not a good gamer. I think I'll have my hands full for a long time.

Tomorrow this country makes history. And miles to go before we sleep.

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