August 9, 2008


I love the Olympics, though maybe not as much as football. I can't wait for some of the more obscure sports, like handball and water polo. I already got to watch some handball on MSNBC, which was very cool. Is it wrong to be looking forward to badminton?

It'll be interesting to see how much is actually available online to watch. Note that you have to have an Intel Mac to be able to watch any of it; PPC users are left out in the cold. Booooo NBC and Microsoft! I want to watch the water polo tonight, but I'm not certain which events are available. It implies they will be, but we shall see.

I'm getting really confused by McCain's commercials in Virginia. First he blasts Obama because Obama objects to off-shore drilling. Then McCain claims that only he is the candidate for renewable energy. Huh? Which is it? It's also frustrating listening to my conservative friends talk about how Obama's reference to "change" means a nationwide spiral into Communism, because "there was once this person who brought 'change' to Cuba". Yes, that's right, comrades. Where's that toilet paper line again? Seriously, people believe this shit.

My new remote control has a scroll wheel, which this week I finally got working. You can program it with a javascript-like language to do just about anything you want. I actually had it working a few weeks ago, I just had an old version of the firmware w/out onRotary() support on the device itself. Sigh. Who's the l33t hAX0r now, eh?

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