July 15, 2008

Rain or Shine

When a concert says "rain or shine", they mean it. That's exactly what happened to us at Meriweather Post on Sunday night, when a long line of thunderstorms moved through during the concert and soaked those of us cheapskates on the lawn. Thankfully we stopped at the mall right beforehand and picked up umbrellas, but we were still wet by the time we left. It rained pretty much from the minute we sat down until the minute we drove off. At least John Mayer seemed moved by our plight, but not enough to let all of us backstage.

The concert was pretty fun regardless, though I still have no clue who the opening act was. Some guy that looked like a girl. We couldn't really hear them or see them (everyone was huddled under umbrellas). Things opened up a bit when JM came on as everyone stood and most of the umbrellas came down (not the ones in front of me, however, so I couldn't see except for the screens). He's a great guitar player and worth seeing live if you ever get the chance. I may have to go buy his last couple of live albums.

Walking out in the darkness and mudslides at intermission, i almost wished for an iFlashlight on my phone. I said almost. I'm lying.

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