July 13, 2008

Pink 2.0

Things have been really hectic of late with Jo and Alaina moving in this month, so I haven't had much time to blog. My life has become very different, now suddenly being a full-time parent and my house is a lot smaller. Not in a bad way, just different and new. At least I'm drinking less, that's probably good, though the reverse of what I would have normally expected.

I was one of the foolish who downloaded the iPhone 2.0 image, but thankfully for me it didn't apply (I even tried twice, what was I thinking!?). I gave the other foolish mortals a day to let iTunes activation shake out (tvl?) and tried on Saturday where it went through without a hitch. I miss the days of iPods with Firewire, restoring 8gb of media takes like a half an hour! We're still holding off doing Jo's phone, but will probably do it once she builds her music collection back up on her Mac. You think I'd let a PeeCee in this house!?

Along those lines, I'm having to rely on my router (a linksys that's destined for the landfill, I hate this POS) for parental controls since the iMac in A's room isn't souped-up enough to run Leopard. I'd like to swap it for a TimeCapsule, but I can't find anything (anything!) on Apple's website that talks about its parental control functionality. Yes, I get it, it can do backups. Anything else!? If Apple is assuming that everyone can (and will) run Leopard, that's t3h suck. Tiger runs just fine on this little iMac, why should I be forced to upgrade?

The app store is fun and kinda cool, it's nice getting to run what I want, though I think I'm still one of the few who is more than happy to cede all control to Apple to ensure that my phone doesn't flake out or brick because of some rogue app. I do have some issues with them controlling what can and can't go on the store due to fears about competition (c'mon Apple, just don't be evil!), but as an end-user, my sanity thanks them. I don't think I need 3 flashlights, 10 tip calculators, or 8 todo apps, though. My currency converter is better than yours!

What I really want is a way to easily blog from the phone, but maybe that's asking too much. What I've found is that my main obstacle to doing things on my phone is that nothing remembers passwords. So if I want to make a note in FaceBook or sign into my blog, I have to re-log in, and that's a serious pain. Yes, I'm lazy. There, I said it.

I've also taken on a new role at work, leaving the Desktop team for something more exciting. After almost three years on the same team, it was time, but doing so simultaneously with Jo moving in certainly adds to my stress. I can't talk about the project, but you'll find out eventually. Or you won't and I'll go back to drinking.

Going to see John Mayer tonight, should be fun, though any long car ride with a tween is an adventure. No, damnit, we're not there yet.

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