May 29, 2008

Package Store

I downloaded the 10.5.3 update tonight (see, I do update sometimes!!) using the "install and keep package" option in SU. It's 420Mb, for goodness sakes, and I've got several machines to upgrade. However after the upgrade, the package wasn't anywhere. I looked around using some search engine and found it's supposed to end up in /Library/Packages. Nope. There's not even a Packages folder. Wonderful.

I bought GranTurismo5:Prologue over the weekend. Yeah, it's basically a glorified demo, but the graphics are gorgeous. Stunning. Wow. I want to write software like that.

I wanted to buy Crash (2005 Best Picture winner) as I really enjoyed the movie and figured that I should buy it on BluRay now that I have a player. What I found was interesting, and not in a good way. I can get the 2 DVD Director's Cut with several commentaries and loads of special features for $9.99. The BluRay version is only the theatrical release with no features (none at all), and costs $29.99. WTF?

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