April 29, 2008


The new Grand Theft Auto looks awesome and from everything I read, the PlayStation3 is actually a really good BluRay player. It's less than the price that I'd probably pay for a good videophile-quality player, plus I can play some games on it.

Unfortunately I'm out of component inputs on my Denon. It has three, which are taken up by my DVD player, AppleTV, and satellite box. So I have to pay an extra $250 for a component video switcher just to get to use it. Argh.

Then there's the lack of a remote. No, you can't use a typical universal remote -- it's all Bluetooth! There's no IR port on the PS3! Ok, maybe I'll suck it up and buy the Sony BT remote. Wait a minute, it's black keys on a black remote, with no backlighting. How the #%@!& am I supposed to read that in the dark!? Hello? Sony? How about using some of that R&D on your remotes!? Argh.

I may still impulse-buy it anyway. GTA4 is just too damn cool.

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