April 27, 2008

Go Speed Racer

With Speed Racer's impending arrival at theaters, I wanted to share a bit of Camino trivia that I doubt anyone but a select few of us would remember.

There was a time, long long ago, when Camino was in its infancy and Netscape was still working hard on a product they'd eventually call "Netscape 7" (code named Mach-V). Jinglepants kept calling our little Cocoa browser "Chimera" but just to piss him off I'd call it "Chim-Chim". Back then, Camino was still a skunk-works project at Netscape and I thought it made perfect sense that it hid in the back of the Mach-V and caused everyone problems. Hilarity then ensued. Alas, my name never caught on, but if you could go back in time and find the initial public webpages for "Chimera", you'd see images of Chim-Chim and Speed Racer (put there by yours truly, shamelessly violating all applicable copyright and trademark law). Good times.

A screenshot of what Chimera 0.2 looked like, for those who never got to see it. Remember when we thought pinstripe was cool? Remember when we thought Member's Only was cool? Man, what we were smoking?

Go Sharks! (and I'm not just saying that cuz Jo made me.)

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