April 17, 2008

Camino 1.6 Released!

We released Camino 1.6 today, congratulations to the entire team of developers, testers, localizers, bug helpers, irc hangers-on, and supporting fans! As always, it's a bit behind schedule (we talked last Summer about a 2007 release), but we managed to stick to our plan and nail just about everything we wanted.

New features include:

  • Improvements to toolbar search - now it's even easier to add new engines to the search bar, with auto-discovery
  • New find bar - my own personal contribution to this release. No more red-headed step-child Find panel
  • Scrolling tabs - life really sucked before with a lot of tabs. Now it's much better (but it's still not Tabspose, we're still working on it!)
  • Software Update - finally! Always stay up to date.
  • AppleScript support - a contribution from my Google Summer of Code mentee.
  • Save passwords for multiple accounts - finally finally!
  • Web-based Feed support - want to use Google Reader (like I do)? Now it's even easier!
  • ...And tons of bugfixes and improvements so the web works better!

I'm quite impressed with this release. Give it a spin for yourself at caminobrowser.org. Now onwards to 2.0 and the new Quartz graphics layer like Ff3.

I Love Camino!

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