December 16, 2007

Ow. Quit it. Ow. Quit it.

Leopard just keeps biting me. This afternoon DockSyncClient was taking up 90% of my CPU every few seconds until I went and removed one of my weather widgets. WTF?

Just now I tried to copy something to my .Mac account. It got 90% of the way through, then the copy stalled. No network traffic. Clicking the cancel button locked up the Finder. No problem, I'll just kick it. Nope, it wouldn't re-launch (nor was it even running any more). Of course, the Copy window was still there....No problem, I'll just log out. Nope. It wouldn't do that either. I had to reboot. I love how user-land processes can take out the entire machine. What is this, Windows?!?!

I'd go back to Tiger if I could. Sigh.

Oh, yeah, and every time I restart the machine, Spotlight re-crawls it. Every time. Yay.

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