November 18, 2007


Joana sent me some absolutely hysteric links. They're surprising addictive. I couldn't stop watching, one led to another, then another.

Yup, she loves me.

I wonder why we don't get stuff like this on US TV. Instead we get DOG the Bounty Hunter. Oh wait, I watch that.

I did a clean re-install on my laptop and now it's....better. At first, no UI service would recognize my password, I had to drop to a shell and use "passwd" to reset it (to the same thing) and then it was fine. Now Dashboard randomly takes up 10% of the CPU drawing PDF shapes deep in WebKit until I show and hide it again. Great way to ruin my battery life.

Thankfully the Backup utility worked like a charm, as advertised. Restored everything perfectly to the new account.

Posted by pinkerton at November 18, 2007 5:43 PM