September 1, 2007


I could make a Mellow Yellow joke, but nobody would get it.

After being forced to use Safari on the iPhone, I realize daily why I hate it. First off, it crashes all the time. All the time. Second, I'm inundated with these flashing images all over the page, usually right in the middle of the content, that I guess people call "advertisements". I'd forgotten how gross the interwebs has become. I miss my ad-blocking in Camino.

Then there's the usability side. On a device where the download speeds aspire to be as fast as dial-up, having Reload and Stop be the same button is infuriating. I can't scroll while Safari is still loading the page (what *is* it doing?), and most pages take forever to load because they have to hit 27 servers to get those aforementioned annoying-as-fuck ads. As a result, page progress sticks at 80% for minutes and I'm basically forced to hit stop. But right as I'm about to tap the button, the pages finishes loading and it turns back to Reload, which wipes the window clean and starts the whole process over again. Helooooooo?

Have I mentioned that it crashes all the time? And this is without flash!

Mmmmmm college football. So good I can eat it with a spoon.

Posted by pinkerton at September 1, 2007 11:15 AM