June 27, 2007

Kids these days...

I guess the engagement ring of the new century is an iPhone with a family plan LOL. Forget 1 or 2 carat, is it a 4Gb or an 8Gb?!

Joana, will you switch to Cingular with me? We don't even need to go to Vegas!

I was a bit aggravated at first with the Sopranos finale. Yes, I finally watched it, my hotel in SF didn't have HBO for god's sake. Let me repeat that for those that didn't get it the first time. My upscale hotel, in SF, in 2007 did not have fucking HBO. The $49/night Motel 6 has HBO! Maybe I'll stay there next year? Anyhooo, I realized that it really was the only way they could end the show. The viewer was left with a glimpse into Tony's daily life. Even just having dinner with his family, we were checking every face, scrutinizing every movement, looking for a gun in every pocket. Just a normal day for a mob king. Maybe there will be a movie, who cares. Any other ending would have been cliche and "I told you so". The series was successful because it broke all the norms, the ending was the same way.

At least Big Love has started again, but I'm a few episodes behind (remember that no HBO thing?). I'll catch up, fear not. I also missed a few Pirate Masters because my TiVo thought it was more important to record Motorweek. Arrrrrr, a cutlass through yer starboard hard drive should cure ya! Don't be makin' the same mistake again!

Posted by pinkerton at June 27, 2007 11:34 AM