March 17, 2007


I'm disappointed about the amount of NCAA regional action in SD this year. I guess when CBS decides you get a particular game because it's an in-market team (such as Maryland for me), the only way they can ensure that I get that game is to send it in SD, even in their HD feed. With so many teams in the DC area being in the tournament, this means a lot of SD programming. Sigh. At least it's shaping up to be a great tournament.

I'm also having issues with my HR20, but only with the HD basketball on WUSA. It's something about when they send the CBS HD feed, it causes the reception to break up constantly (not motion artifacts, actual garbage on the screen). Doesn't happen when they're showing SD on the HD channel, doesn't happen during commercials, only happens when it's real HD. Sigh. It's probably *yet another* bug in the HR20 and MPEG4. I love being a beta tester. At least it's shaping up to be a great tournament ;)

Posted by pinkerton at March 17, 2007 5:59 PM