February 23, 2007


A friend asked me today if Camino 1.1 was even in alpha. Heck, we're on alpha two, but I guess we haven't really done the best job of promoting it. To some extent, that's reasonable, alphas generally aren't the kind of thing you want your grandmother using. However, our standards are usually a little higher than most, and I've been running 1.1a2 daily on both home and work machines for a while.

In fact, we're really close to beta. We wanted to have something for Presidents Day (Abe Lincoln is a *huge* Camino fan) but we extended our deadline to pick up some last minute crash fixes. I promise to blog about it when we do reach beta, and we're going to have an increased presence, both on the Camino website and among download sites. It's important that we get a lot of people to try it out and send us feedback before we go final.

Ben disputes my claim that Camino never crashes. Personally, I think he's on crack. I have 1.1a2 running for over a month and a half of intense usage on both my laptops and my work desktop without a single crash. Maybe it's because I turn Java off. What's Java, you ask? Beats me. I think I used it in 1995. Really, would you allow a 12-year old to run wild in your browser? I think the blink tag is more relevant these days....props to Lou Montulli.

If Pacman Jones can make it rain for $81,000, then I want to be a stripper. Seriously. What's the visual of a man walking into a club with $81,000 in his pocket?

Oh, I'm sorry, did I digress from Mozilla-related content? Oops. I did it again.

Posted by pinkerton at February 23, 2007 11:13 PM