January 9, 2007


This year I did something different: I camped out for the Macworld keynote with a few members of my team and the PM group from Google. We were (collectively) 3rd in line behind a few guys from Arizona who beat us by about 30 minutes or so. We got in line around 10ish last night as a group of about 20 Googlers. A good time was had by all (thankfully we had some tents cuz it got cold) and I wouldn't recommend sleeping on concrete for a living, but for one night it seemed a right of passage.

So we were 3rd in line and after waiting all night long, then waiting a few more hours inside, we got our chance to enter the room...but behind the VIP ticket holders, of which there were about 5-600. So we waited for 12 hours to be, well, 600th in line. We barely got a seat halfway back in the hall. After salivating all night about 10th row, it was a serious disappointment. I'm not sure i'd do it again, there's simply no benefit besides having done it. Thankfully, I guess, we weren't first in line, for it we had, we'd have been deluged with press, gawkers, and bloggers asking us why we were first in line, wanting to take our pictures, and ask us silly Mac fanboi questions for the evening news. Maybe if I was in college I'd be disappointed, but not any more.

I was a bit disappointed by some of the news, despite the overall awesomeness of the keynote. The AppleTV, according to Steve, only does 720p, but the website says it does 1080i. Odd. Even still, it doesn't work *at all* with 4x3 tvs, you must have a 16x9 set, so that means it's right out for my living room where I spend most of my time. I was also disappointed by the iPhone only being on Cingular. After listening to the CEO read what I can only describe as an obituary (it was long, boring, and I wanted to die), I'm not sure if i *want* to give Cingular any money. Also, only 8GB for $600, with a 2year commitment? And it's not upgradable. That hurts. Then add that there was no software announcements and thus nothing to buy. Nothing cool to take home. Nothing to feed my need for creeping consumerism. Oh well, I guess the Summer will be hot hot hot.

I'll hopefully be blogging about my time spent in line officially on our Google Mac blog in the near future. I'll link there if I get enough written that isn't blacked out or censored altogether.

I miss Round Table Pizza on the east coast. It's almost worth sleeping on concrete.

Posted by pinkerton at January 9, 2007 9:57 PM