January 1, 2007

Bits And Pieces

Spent the weekend at my mother's in Panama City, FL, or as most refer to it, Lower Alabama. Where else can you find pink flamingos and locals on the corner preaching that children that read Harry Potter are going to hell? I wish I was kidding.

On the way, Delta lost our luggage. Both pieces. And by "lost" I don't mean "they delivered it to us later" I mean they lost it. They had no idea where it was. Thankfully, we found it one day later behind their ticket counter. They didn't seem to care that it was there. Gee, thanks?

I seem to have discovered bourbon as my new drink of choice, and not the cheap stuff. I'm not talking SoCo or Jack (which technically isn't bourbon, btw). Thankfully Maker's Mark is quite good and not too expensive, or I might have to start selling off my worldly possessions.

Hopefully we should have Camino 1.1a2 out this week. We (myself most importantly) need to do a better job of making sure we do more public releases in addition to the nightly builds. We go far too long between public releases and we lose out on a lot of the feedback from the larger community. I also want to take a second to profusely thank the people who have stepped up and assumed the daily duties of running the project while I've been swamped with work. Without your devotion, we'd be sunk.

Mmmmm football. More football. And then more football.

I played Guitar Hero on the PS/2 with my stepsister and her boyfriend on xmas day and lordy did it mess up my hands. I could barely play guitar for more than 20 minutes at a time, even days afterward. Beware ye fellow old fogies with arthritic hands. It will mess you up somethin' fierce. Too bad it's really fun.

Posted by pinkerton at January 1, 2007 8:43 PM