November 24, 2006

And you are...?

Sometimes it's nice that nobody knows who you are. For all my braying about being recognized, it goes both ways. When things go wrong, nobody puts your name in lights and lobs grenades and chuckles. Why didn't they mention me too? Oh right, thank god nobody cares.

My eyes are slowly getting worse; I am getting older. Try not to get in front of me on the road. I may not see you until it's too late. Maybe I should drive a Hummer. Then at least I'd be sure to win.

Ben and LH will be here shortly, Ben hasn't been to my house for 5 years. Last time he was here my furniture hadn't yet been delivered. Hopefully I won't get too drunk tonight. I think those two sentences have something to do with each other.

Posted by pinkerton at November 24, 2006 1:43 PM