October 30, 2006

Ground Control to Major Hans

I was disappointed to walk out to my car Sunday morning and find the time hadn't updated for Daylight Saving Time. Mind you, this is a car with more computing power than most 3rd world countries. I expect it to "just work". Now I know what some of you are saying: DST isn't universal so how can it know that my area supports it? Well, Dr. Watson, the car has a fucking GPS. It knows *exactly* where I am. There's no guesswork involved.

Ok, maybe that's too 21st century for German engineers. How hard is it to put in a checkbox that I want DST support? I think my circa-1992 VCR had that option. This car lets me adjust the intensity of the heated seats across different ranges of my back. It can't handle DST for me automatically? I don't get it.

Perhaps I'll get my wish when I get working cupholders. Oh wait, Germans don't believe in those either...

Posted by pinkerton at October 30, 2006 11:08 PM