September 21, 2006

SportsWing 60

If Studio 60: On the Sunset Strip seems familiar to you, it should. Not only does it have Bradley Whitford from West Wing, its writer/producer/director is Aaron Sorkin. Aaron is also the writer/producer/director of my favorite show ever: Sports Night.

Studio60 shares a lot with Sports Night, including a pilot-episode-cameo by Felicity Huffman. Both shows are a behind-the-scenes look at a live TV show. Both shows feature one of the "talent" having a long history with one of the production staff. Both shows have nail-biting face-offs between production and "The Network". Both shows will probably get cancelled before their time (SN only lasted 2 seasons, fuck you ABC). Everything old is new again (not you, Felicity!).

Some more overlap between Aaron's endeavors (note IMDB only helped with the last one):

  • Josh Malina was in both SN and WW
  • Janel Maloney (Donna in WW) had a cameo in SN
  • Martin Sheen (duh) was also in The American President, which Sorkin wrote.
  • Josh Malina was also in TAP.
  • From IMDB: "The Oval Office set was originally constructed for Dave (1993) and subsequently used for "The West Wing" (1999). Anna Deavere Smith has appeared in all 3 productions."

I really hope I like S60, but it's shaping up to be yet another iteration of a really really good one-trick-pony. I really liked the pilot, so give it a watch and judge for yourself.

Posted by pinkerton at September 21, 2006 6:36 PM