September 9, 2006


I found myself today doing something you may find strange: playing around with all the cool stuff Google has released. I've been here nigh on a year and I still am amazed by the software this company makes. From GMail to Calendar, Page Creator to SMS, Personalized Homepage and more. It is all consistently cool and consistently just works, even in this unknown little web browser of mine (well that's not really true, people at Google seem to love Camino).

Speaking of said browser, RSS support finally landed. Yay!!!!!!

Also spent part of the day idling by reading over Pete's blog and his girlfriend Rachel Fuller's blog (complete with obligatory "First Post" post). It's interesting reading about them both getting ready for the US leg of the tour that starts Tuesday night in Philly. I'm quite excited, as it appears they are too. The new album is scheduled for an Oct 31 release.

I've had the Who in my life now for almost 20 years and while I'm profoundly different from when I was 13, I'm profoundly the same. I take a lot from their music, and hopefully give back to others in my own way. Karma, the great circle.

While I was typing, FedEx came and delivered my dive slate. I'm going to shower shortly so I can try it out (that's for you, Alex). However, it didn't come with instructions, so I have no idea how to erase from it. I wouldn't imagine water would work...

My class is up to 10 students, first lecture on Monday. Can't wait. Maybe one of them will know how to work the slate. Kids these days...

Posted by pinkerton at September 9, 2006 1:31 PM