September 5, 2006

Rubber Ducky

As many will agree, but few will admit to, I come up with a lot of ideas and remember things to do while I'm in the shower. However, by the time I get out of said shower, I've forgotten 3/4 of what I'd come up with. As a result, I'm on a quest to find something where I can write these things down while I'm in there. Don't laugh. Ok, well, you can a little.

I've tried dry-erase markers, and they work great until the tile steams up at which point they become totally useless and won't write at all. In fact, it ruins their use for about 6 hours after that while they "dry out". I tried a china marker (similar to a grease pencil...sorta). It does write on wet tile, but "write" I think is an overstatement of its abilities. If you press really hard, it can make black marks on tile. Then you need a sandblaster to get the marks off the tile. I don't want to put a whiteboard outside the shower, because then I have to get out and drip all over the floor. Body paint sorta misses the point, since I'd need another shower to get it off.

So I'm on a mission to find something. Any ideas are welcome.

EDIT: Stuart pointed me at this dive slate which I've ordered. I'll keep folks posted.

Posted by pinkerton at September 5, 2006 8:48 AM