August 21, 2006

Long Hot Summer

Desmond finished up his SOC project for Camino today. I'm really impressed with the way he came in and was able to work with the community and the process to be productive and come up with a big step forward in our tab handling. I hope everyone enjoys his hard work, but it probably won't be in 1.1.

Speaking of 1.1, we've started having weekly meetings (organized by Sam) to make sure we stay on track and stay on top of bugs. It's a great move, even if I'm mostly useless at these meetings because I'm swamped with work. At least I'm trying really hard to stay on top of my SR duties, even if I do slip from time to time. It's great to see so much community involvement in this project. I hope we can get RSS in this week and we're doing a lot of polish.

I think we also decided that we'll do a 1.0.3 to pick up a bunch of security and bugfixes from recent Ff releases. Look for that soon, but not exactly sure when.

I'm so so so so glad that football has started, even if it's pre-season. College starts soon, I can't wait. Glad to see that Kornheiser is doing well on MNF, I really enjoy his (local) radio show and PTI.

My Tivo caught the pilot of the original Battlestar Galatica. Talk about cool.

It really needs to rain. I hate watering my lawn.

Posted by pinkerton at August 21, 2006 8:47 PM