August 11, 2006

What we need is...

I had lunch with a couple of the Adium guys today and we were talking about staying positive in the face of competition from Apple. They made the point that Apple doesn't seem to be taking the chat UI aspect of iChat seriously (even though they are taking the A/V side very seriously), and that Camino suffers from the fact that Apple is serious about Safari. Regardless, they seemed very positive about their project and how it was growing and the number of new developers they had coming onto the project.

It made me start thinking that we might want to start thinking about how to continue to get new blood onto the project. We had a bunch of new people come on after 1.0, but I think we really need more. One way to do that is to release something, which always draws interest to the project. We are making good headway on 1.1, but we still have a bunch of stuff to do before we can get there. Our triage team has been hard at work keeping the workload at a reasonable level for 1.1, now we just have to get there.

Another way is to make our developer webpages as good as possible and for it to be as simple as possible to contribute out of the box. We're already marking "easy" bugs in bugzilla so new developers can see what we're doing, but we continue to suffer from brain drain as people (including myself) get busy or get overwhelmed with the daily grind of the project. We really need ways to recruit and retain developers and triagers. The more we have, the easier it is for everyone involved. Having more bodies would certainly make me feel more energized about the project.

On the 1.1 front, I think the only major thing we're still waiting on is the RSS code. The rest we can probably punt to 1.2. We should also look at MoCo's schedule for FF2.0 and make sure we get the benefits of their QA eyeballs. On a lesser note, we need to fix some of the new popup blocking issues and get all that cleaned up (some kick-ass CoreAnimation luvin' would go a long way there....oh well).

On an unrelated note, I've had several run-ins this week with incredibly drunk people (what does that say about me?). Perhaps I wouldn't be so taken aback if I was more drunk myself. Then it would all seem perfectly normal. On a related note, Ben's coming up again and we're (again) going drinking. Good times.

The shower faucet is another candidate for a Design Award, but I'll save that for another night.

Posted by pinkerton at August 11, 2006 9:18 PM