August 10, 2006

Design "Awards"

In the tradition of the Apple Design Awards (which really just seem like "what app uses the most flashy new osx features in the most useless and over-the-top way" awards), I wanted to give the title of Most Confusing Bathroom Sink to my hotel room.

On the side of the spigot, there is a long vertical handle that rotates on an axis perpendicular with the ground (towards/away from me). When first approached, it's all the way up (at 90 degrees). Ok, you think, I'll just pull down (towards me) and the water will go on. Nope. Nothing. Repeat. Nothing. All the way up? Nope. All the way down? Nada. Am I using this wrong? It's a faucet, how can i not do this. Is there no water in the hotel? Did I miss a major earthquake?

And then magically, as if hit by some interstellar flash of wisdom, I push the lever to the side, parallel to the ground and WATER COMES OUT! If I wasn't so damn happy to be able to brush my teeth, I might have stopped and blogged about how totally fucking indecipherable this faucet is.

Someone came up to me yesterday at the conference and out of the blue shook my hand and thanked me for Camino. Then he walked away. My coworkers were a bit stunned, as was I. I guess this little project does manage to make some people, somewhere, happy. Of course as usual, everyone at the conference is running Safari. Why bother? The new stuff they're doing is only getting cooler and we're falling further behind. Sigh.

Maybe I just need a massage.

Posted by pinkerton at August 10, 2006 12:05 PM