July 10, 2006

Who knew?

Yesterday's post seems to have elicited the most responses of any of my recent posts. Thanks to everyone that pointed out the A/V cable and the details about the formats and resolution of videos from iTMS. My response seems to be about the same, however. If Apple is targeting portability and the 90% case (non-HD sets), iTMS video makes a lot of sense. For me, however, it makes very little. What a couple folks pointed out that I hadn't considered had to do with the time to market and price compared to DVDs. That makes sense, but I guess given the rate at which I allow myself to buy things (I agonize over purchases for months, if not years), by the time I push "buy" it'll prolly be out on DVD. I guess that's my own baggage :)

Seems strange to me that I got virtually no email about Camino 1.0, but a random post about iPod video gets comments. Who knew?

Watched the new seasons of both Reno 911 and The Chapelle Show. I didn't expect to be laughing, new seasons are sometimes hit or miss, but this time I was rolling on the floor. Kudos to the writers for keeping it fresh and keeping it real ;)

Posted by pinkerton at July 10, 2006 10:17 PM