June 21, 2006


I realized i biffed the static target on the branch, so the branch builds still don't have spellcheck. Sigh. I'll fix it when I get back to virginia (yay XCode 2.0 and Mofo not upgrading our tinderboxen).

I'm digging this macBook Pro, or as some have called it, a "cookbook pro". This thing gets hot hot hot, even sitting on a desk doing nothing. I can smell it. It also sometimes takes about a minute to wake from sleep....sometimes. And it whines like hell when the 2nd processor idles. But it's fast. Fast fast fast. Fast fast. Fast. Really fast. It's a great development box, especially on the road.

There are tons of E90s in the bay area (duh) but the majority of them are 325s. Come on people. Pony up for the real deal. I almost never see an E90 in VA when I'm driving around, but here they're on every street corner.

Ben's new M45 is a yacht. A really really big yacht. Thar she blows!

My Chevy Cobalt rental has....wait for it.....manual windows. The kind with the hand crank. On a new car. Who knew?

Posted by pinkerton at June 21, 2006 8:50 PM