March 15, 2006


Work has kept me so busy that I'm still back in February on my bugmail. FEBRUARY! I have 957 unread bugmails. I feel so out of touch. I'm pulling new trunk and branch trees right now, hopefully I can get the chance next week to catch up with Amo out of town all week. Maybe I can even write some small features (how many times have I told myself that?). Thank god there are others on this project that keep it running when I'm out to lunch.

Finally found a Mackie Control Universal to drive LogicPro (they're terribly backordered, and I even found it for cheaper than I expected). Hopefully that will make things in my music room a little easier to mess with. I want to get back to writing some new stuff. I haven't written anything I like in a while.

My "band" is still searching for a singer and drummer. We had a great nibble on a female lead singer and then she flaked out right before the last meeting because "it's too far". Sigh. We found a couple of drummers, the one we played with on Tuesday is still in high school. Let's back up a second. Mmmhmm. He's in high school, and plays in the marching band. God I'm old. I'm not sure he can even get into a club. Have I mentioned how old I am?

If you haven't been watching How I Met Your Mother you should. It's the perfect comedy for thirty-somethings who aren't afraid to admit....well, most anything. Just watch it.

Posted by pinkerton at March 15, 2006 8:45 PM