January 17, 2006

Mea Culpa

I must apologize to everyone for being so busy last week and this week. My bugmail is backing up and I'm not even on IRC to talk to folks about our 1.0 release plans. Google is keeping me incredibly busy this week with meetings, and last week with Macworld. As a result, 1.0 is slipping a bit.

I hoped to do a release candidate this week and then release next week, but I don't think that's going to happen unless someone tags the tree without me. I'm too far behind on checking up on the last few issues to know if we're ok to release or not. I would guess we'll spin a RC next week, then GM the following week, with an Intel build (separate download) available shortly after, along with the multi-language version.

We're really close, and I would love to just put it to bed, but I don't want to be too hasty on such a giant milestone. A week won't kill us, and I promise not to let it slip too much further.

Posted by pinkerton at January 17, 2006 11:27 PM