December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

I just wanted to take a free moment to wish all readers a happy new year, and thank everyone involved in the Camino project. Your contributions, even if they're not in the form of code, are appreciated not just by the project leads, but by the users that take time to email us with praise and encouragement. Our users are loyal and they recommend Camino to their friends and family. They do so because we've delivered a steadily improving product that remains easy to use and uncluttered.

2006 will be another great year for the project. We will blow past 1.0, with a 1.1 release and hopefully even a 1.2 release by year's end. Our goal should be to stay true to what has made the application successful (fast, stable, easy to use) while responding to the feedback and needs of our userbase. That's not easy; people are always demanding features that "every other browser has", even when they really don't. Our challenge is to make the right choices. We've made them up to this point, I'm confident we'll continue to do so.

Our continued success is because of our contributors. Have a safe and happy new year. We're gonna need you in '06!

Posted by pinkerton at December 31, 2005 2:02 PM