December 15, 2005

Baby Steps

We've figured out the Talkback issues and now all we're waiting on is MoFo to figure out the branch plans. They've figured them out, I guess, but we're waiting on the actual branch so we can land some core changes. I've asked MoFo when they will begin approvals for this new branch and haven't received any response. Go team.

I wish Steph would have won the last Survivor. She certainly deserved it much more than the skeleton that won. In other realityTV news, I've been watching the Martha Stewart Apprentice and it's actually rather good television. They aren't going to do another one (either poor ratings or advanced planning, you choose), but that's a shame because it's still a very interesting show with a decidedly subtle twist from The Donald.

Have I mentioned we're waiting on MoFo to branch?

Posted by pinkerton at December 15, 2005 12:08 AM