November 12, 2005

You've Got Sodium!

I'm currently watching Super Size Me and among the disturbing facts it brings up (oh, and there are many), it mentions that Sodexho is one of the low-bid providers of food to the children of this country. Oh really? Sodexho is also the food provider for the cafeterias at AOL, my former employer.

I'm a big fan of soup (and I eat like a bird) so I'd check the offerings on most days during the week. The average (and I'm not kidding) sodium content listed on the nutritional cards for each soup was around 1800mg per serving. Per serving. Let me say that again. Per serving. Average. Yes, Virginia. That means some were higher. A lot higher.

What's the USDA recommended daily allowance? 2400mg. So they were giving us pretty damn close to our entire daily allowance for a single cup of soup. It's not like this was a rare occurance. This was the norm. What are they trying to do? Kill us?

Holy high blood pressure, batman!

Posted by pinkerton at November 12, 2005 12:12 AM