September 29, 2005

Evil Status: Mellow Yellow

After four days at my new job, people keep asking me if I'm no longer evil. I guess that implies that at one point I was evil. Hrm, I'm not certain I agree with that. We worked pretty hard at AOL to not be evil, even though AOL Radio ended up with an ad anyway. It wasn't our fault, I swear.

Got together with a bunch of folks last night in MtnView to talk about Camino 1.0 and get nice and drunk...or maybe that was just me. We've got about two weeks until MoFo tags for 1.5b2 at which time we should be in pretty good shape for Camino 1.0beta1. If the quality of this build is high enough, we will start to shift focus away from 0.8.x to 1.0beta1 for all promotions and website content; it will become our stable build. I think we're on track, the alphas already are high quality and we've fixed a lot of the crashers that have come in from Talkback.

Work at the new company is exciting, but hectic. Between training, trying to find hardware, and trying to figure out where I fit in this organization of hecka-brilliant people, I find myself overwhelmed and scatterbrained. I seem to have more problems than solutions. I guess that's to be expected at any new job, though. I just don't do this that often.

Posted by pinkerton at September 29, 2005 2:26 PM