September 22, 2005

Ends and Odds

Tomorrow's my last day at AOL. Very mixed feelings. I'm happy to have the new opportunities, but sad to leave the place I've been for the last eight years. Next week I'll be in Cali learning how to not be evil.

CBS continues to trounce ESPN, Fox, and ABC in terms of the quality of HD football. It's really like night and day. I'm glad Fox has so many games in HD, but all you have to do is flip over to CBS and you wonder how Fox can even call what they show high-def.

Amo and I tried watching Nip/Tuck. It looks like an incredible show. However, starting with an episode about a serial rapist who carves up his victims isn't the best way to get me into the show. I can barely handle ER, and I'm supposed to get sucked into this every week? I dunno.....

Camino is still looking pretty good for a Fall 1.0, but we're finding that the Mozilla18 branch has tons of rendering regressions. Just makes us all look bad, especially people coming to Gecko-based browsers for the first time. I fear that FF1.5 will be released too hastily and will be beset with .1, .2, .3, releases in short order. They already seem too close to the endgame to respond to the QA feedback generated from the beta. It's good that Camino testing can help flush out bugs in Firefox, because at the end of the day we're all on the same team, but it's telling that we really don't know what shape we're in on the branch.

Odd how I can be pining for rain (it's been VERY dry here of late) while the entire gulf region is hoping they never see another drop.

Main motherboard in Amo's iBook replaced, thankfully under warranty. The repair bill would have been $280 otherwise. Yikes! So far so good.

Posted by pinkerton at September 22, 2005 6:13 PM