September 9, 2005

The Road To 1.0

With the recent release of FF1.5b1, we're about ready to do another big drop of Camino off the Mozilla1.8branch (which we share with FF1.5). This new build, scheduled for either Monday or Tuesday, will be branded as Camino 1.0alpha1. We will not be releasing Camino 0.9 -- there's really no point. What we have is really, really good.

Took Amo's iBook back to the Apple store. I wiped the drive last night (zero'd it too!), put on a clean OS install, did nothing else but put it to sleep and it wouldn't wake up. Not my problem! They have it now, with the goal of replacing the motherboard. We'll see.

While I was there, I got to see the one (1) iPod nano they had to pass around. It's beautiful. So tiny, so light. Gotta have one. Too bad it's only 4GB. I've got an aging 2nd-gen I need to replace, but I've got 8GB of music on there right now.

Posted by pinkerton at September 9, 2005 5:44 PM