July 7, 2005


So I order and install iWork '05 to get the new Keynote upgrade for my class this fall. For starters, I had to wait at home all day today because, for some reason, Apple made this $50 software shipment "Signature Required". They left the $1000 LogicPro on my doorstep with no problem, but iWork? Now they're paranoid.

I wait at home all day for it (the guy comes at 7pm, of course), rip it open, install it, and am asked to type in my serial number. Type in all 23 digits and...the OK button is still disabled. Huh? Oh, i typed lowercase. Let's try uppercase. Nope. No dice. Check, recheck, and check again. I got it right the first time.

So I call Apple's tech support. Before asking me anything about iWork, they ask me for the hat size and blood type of my Powerbook. The guy is surprised I'm calling about iWork, despite it was the first thing the automated system asked me about. I explain my problem, he asks me to reboot. Even though my system has an uptime measured in months, Ok fine, for him, I'll do it. Nope, surprisingly that doesn't fix it. He puts me old hold for a while, then comes back with a shocking announcement: the serial number I have is too long. It should only be 20 digits, not 23. WTF?

So he puts me on hold again to talk to level 2 tech support. That's where I am now. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: So iWork 1.0 has a 20-char serial number. iWork 1.0.1 has a 23-char serial number. I apparantly got a 1.0 DVD and a 1.0.1 serial number. A quick software update for Keynote and Pages and I'm up and running. Thank you to William, the level 2 rep, for helping me out.

Now, let's go back to why they made me stay home all day for a $50 app....

Posted by pinkerton at July 7, 2005 7:22 PM