July 1, 2005

Just saying...

I feel like I should clarify so that nobody gets too bent out of shape.

The genius that helped me at the Apple store wasn't a jackass. He was actually quite helpful considering that it was lunchtime and he was short two helpers and the queue was getting longer and longer, not to mention the fact that the problem I came in for couldn't be replicated in his presence. He did talk down to me as if I knew nothing about Macs, which arguably is my own personal baggage, but in the end, the clean install seemed to fix everything.

I was happy to have personalized service for no charge available to me as a mac owner. Geniuses (as well as all apple employees) should be proud of the service they provide.

And now I'm done being happy, where's my drink?

Posted by pinkerton at July 1, 2005 2:09 PM