April 28, 2005

084, and Tigers, and bugs, Oh my!

0.8.4 was released today to address some security issues, crashing issues, Tiger compatibility, and improve the behavior of long tooltips. Both the multi-language and English versions can be downloaded from www.caminobrowser.org.

I installed Tiger tonight, only to find that it reset my default browser to something else. You get one guess at what it was set to. It reproduced on my girlfriend's iBook too. I'm not crazy. Also, we discovered a very interesting OS bug in Safari by running Camino. The conversation with hyatt went like this:

Me: Dang, something in Tiger broke some Camino favicons.
Hyatt: Really? How do you know?
Me: Well if you download the favicon and look at it in Preview, it no longer works. We filed the bug on NSImage.
Hyatt: We still use NSImage for favicons in Safari. What's a url?
Me: www.yahoo.com
Hyatt: OMG, you're right. This doesn't work in Safari either.

So when you see 10.4.1 to fix favicons in Safari, you'll know why. It's radar 4102776 :)

Posted by pinkerton at April 28, 2005 10:19 PM