April 21, 2005

Where do you want to Go today?

Thanks to Matt for pointing out the workaround for my Rez troubles (trashing a hidden global pref file). I went on a coding binge tonight and fixed 3 or 4 Camino bugs, the first bugs I've fixed in a long time on my own (not just landing someone else's patches).

I also got so fed up I wrote (and landed) a patch for history in the Go menu, just like every other modern browser. The implementation is brain dead and does no caching, but seems fast enough at first look. I may have to rewrite the whole thing, but it's a start. Let's see how well it fares in the field before we optimize it to death. I have about 1000 items in my history and it comes up instantaneously.

Posted by pinkerton at April 21, 2005 1:35 AM